Top 5 exotic Ferrari options available to rent

The right ride can make or break a drive. Depending on the vehicle you choose for a joy ride or business trip, you can turn your journey from A to B from a necessary evil to an unforgettable experience. If you are used to luxurious cars, you don’t want to downgrade simply because you are spending time in a different city. And even if you want to splurge during your trip to Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, going with an exotic car rental makes perfect sense.

In the realm of luxury cars, few cars are more notorious than Ferraris. When the vehicle pulls up in its signature red to a nightclub or restaurants, onlookers will know exactly what to expect. The roaring, powerful engines are perfect for a day trip through California and a joy ride through the Hamptons alike. So it’s not a surprise that among all luxury car rentals, Ferraris tend to be the most popular.

In 2014, Brand Finance ranked the Italian automaker the most powerful brand in the world. Anyone who has sat behind this powerhouse knows just how deserved that award actually is. But what if you plan a trip to Los Angeles, New York, or Miami, and you don’t know exactly which option makes the most sense for you? In that case, choose from one of the top 5 Ferraris for rent on CarHopper.

1) Ferrari 488 – The Luxury Option

Few cars marry appearance and sheer power as well as Ferrari’s pride and joy. The 488 is at once beautiful and functional, with the entire exterior sculpted to optimize wind flow and enhance speed on the road. A twin-turbocharged V8 engine does the rest, pressing you into your seat as you accelerate and roam the streets.

Yet, for all its power, the 488 is a surprisingly smooth ride. Even for city driving in a metropolis like Los Angeles or New York, this car will serve you right. If you grew up dreaming to one day sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari, this is the car to make your dreams come true.

2) Ferrari F430 – The Budget Alternative

When it comes to Ferrari, luxury comes with a price. At the same time, you can still find affordable options to fulfill your dreams behind the engine. For an example, look no further than the F430, one of the most classic Italian sports cars of the early and mid-2000s.

The engine, exterior, and interior are modeled after the carmaker’s Formula One vehicles, which have dominated circuits around the world for decades. You will get the trademark roar, signature look, and unforgettable feeling of driving the vehicle of your dreams, all for about half the price of the 488.

3) Ferrari 458 – The Perfect Compromise

As its name suggests, this model may just be the ideal middle between the 488 and the F430. It offers the power and elegance of the newest Ferrari models, with the simple sleek style and budget-friendliness of the older F430. If you’ve read the above two descriptions and cannot seem to decide, this direction may be perfect for you.

Make no mistake: when you rent a Ferrari 458, you’re getting the full experience. The powerful engine beneath you will power you through hills and race tracks alike. Meanwhile, the design of the car creates an almost symbiotic relationship with the driver that allows you to turn any ride into an unforgettable experience.

4) Ferrari California – The Pleasant Ride

The Ferrari California is true to its name. Here is a sports luxury car that truly emphasizes the California lifestyle, driven at once by luxury and relaxation. The fully retractable hard roof allows any driver to choose between coupe and convertible at a moment’s notice, perfect for the warmer weather in California and Florida.

Unquestionably, the greatest selling point of this option is its ride. The transmission is smooth as butter, allowing you to almost forget you’re sitting on top of one of the most powerful – and famous – engines in the world. That power still exists, just in a more pleasant and subdued way.

5) Ferrari 458 Italia – The Special Edition

You might think of this vehicle as just another version of the 568, as it shares 90 percent of its components with the regular model. Then again, humans share 90 percent of our DNA with primates and are still able to complete complex math equations. Once you sit down behind the wheel, the differences become obvious.

The pride and joy of the Italia is its engine, which brings with it almost 600 horsepower. It’s also home to Ferrari’s first mid-mounted V8 with direct injection, which translates that horsepower into road performance matched by few (if any) sports cars. Each 458 Italia has been handcrafted and custom made, making it one of the most desirable vehicles on the market today.

How CarHopper is Disrupting the Luxury Car Rental Scene

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