An Emission Free Luxury SUV, the Tesla Model X 90D

California is renown for stunning natural beauty and with that, environmental responsibility is front of mind for those who call the west coast home. Keeping this in mind, the Tesla Model X 90D is all of the enjoyment of a sporty luxury SUV with none of the of tailpipe emissions nor greenhouse gasses due to electric power. Delivering a sporty ride with a cavernous well appointed interior, this luxury SUV rental in Los Angeles delivers unmatched performance and versatility. You’ll spend plenty of time on the road through sprawling LA County, and getting your hands on this coveted Tesla is sure to deliver a charge to your next stay.


Offering refinement suitable for comfortable business travel to Beverly Hills, this luxury SUV is gifted with cavernous interior space and completely flat floors due to lacking design restraints imposed by a traditional powertrain. A panoramic glass roof covers all 3 rows of seats, offering a view of the sunny California skies for all 7 passengers. To keep temperatures inside in check, multi-zone climate control can be accessed on the vast central touchscreen. Here, performance modes, navigation and even the heated seats can be controlled with a light touch on this ultra-responsive 17 inch tablet.

black tesla model x 90d interior


As Tesla Model X 90D’s motors combine for a healthy 417 horsepower, acceleration is lightning quick with snappy responses from the electric motors. From a stop, all-wheel drive gets this full sized luxury SUV going to 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. You won’t expect an SUV rental to take your breath away, but the Model X will have you looking for excuses to get back behind the wheel throughout your stay.

Next Steps

If you’re heading to the theme parks with family in tow, Tesla Model X offers multiple seating configurations for easy adjustment throughout your trip to West Hollywood. The third row of seats can fold away flat for extra cargo capacity, though with all seats up the Model X will transport 7 in comfort and silence.

With a vast charging network, Santa Monica is the perfect place to plug in this luxury SUV rental. Available for hire from LAX from Carhopper, this Tesla Model X 90D is sure to electrify even the most mundane travel. Suitable for business travelers with a conservative, modern attitude, this luxurious SUV has all of the refinements to stand out from a sea of ordinary rentals.