A Guilt Free Luxury SUV, the 2017 Tesla Model X 75D

Environmental responsibility meets full size capabilities in the Tesla Model X 75D, the luxurious high end rental SUV available at LAX as well as booking in downtown LA in Santa Monica. Giving the versatility and utility of 3 row seating with a luxurious interior makes this a wonderful luxury SUV rental. With an immediately responsive electric motor, the Model X builds on Tesla’s promise of responsible performance and is a pleasure on road with sporty handling and brisk acceleration.

When 3-row SUVs come to mind, performance and speed are not generally the first characteristics to come up. With the Tesla Model X 75D, however, long-thought conventions are meant to be disproved. With a low center of gravity due to its center slung battery pack, the Model X handles the road much like its sedan brethren. Body roll is managed by air suspension, for composure over all types of surfaces, and even offers up to 8 inches of ground clearance.


Range anxiety is a thing of the past with the Model X. This Tesla Model X 75D can travel up to 235 miles on a single charge, per the EPA. When you’re feeling like injecting a bit of excitement, the 259 electric horses are ready to deliver. 60 miles per hour disappears in 6 seconds flat which might not sound all that special, you quickly realize this is a 7-seat SUV and the performance becomes downright stunning.

black tesla model x 75d 2017 interior

Next Steps

Once your rental is underway, the Tesla Model X 75D offers much-appreciated refinement befitting the stylish streets of Beverly Hills, where renting a high end Tesla is step one to looking the part. Luxurious leather seating surfaces, rest underneath a glass sunroof that opens a panorama to all 3 rows of seats. With navigation, climate control and media controlled through a single central display, the interior stays clutter free and easy to use.

For packing up the family and hitting the open road, no other luxury SUV offers the guilt-free experience of hiring this luxury sedan in West Hollywood Carhopper. The first time the hinged doors rise up to welcome you into the cabin, you’ll be relieved to be experiencing the future of on road travel in the present.