7 easy steps to book a luxury and exotic car

We often talk about the luxury car rental experience, and how important a smooth process is from the beginning. But how about the steps it takes just to book a car? The service you rent through should not put hurdles in your way, but streamline the entire journey to make sure that the right car will be available for you at the right time–whether you look to drive a Ferrari in Miami or a Cadillac in the Hamptons.

That sounds great in isolation. After all, everybody wants and looks for that smooth experience. But simply saying that it’s necessary doesn’t mean it’s true. The right exotic car rental service works every day to turn that claim into a lived experience for the benefit of its clients.

The ideal outcome is a booking process you don’t need to worry about. That’s what we strive for every day, and we want you to be a part of it. Consider these 7 easy steps your tutorial on how to book a car on CarHopper:

1) Visit our Homepage

Every booking experience starts on our homepage. Here, you can use our user-friendly search tool to select your destination as well as your travel dates. You can even get more specific, selecting an individual neighborhood you look to travel to so that you get a more detailed list of vehicles available in that neighborhood.

For instance, when traveling to Los Angeles, you might find different vehicles available in Beverly Hills than you would in Santa Monica. Of course, you can choose to keep it general as well if you’re not sure about the neighborhood or would rather like a greater selection of luxury cars to choose from.

2) Chat With a Real Support Agent

Every page on our website includes a chat box at the bottom right of your browser window so that you can book a car painlessly. It’s a simple but invaluable tool if you need help not just in your initial search, but throughout the process. You can ask specific questions about your booking process, or more general questions about renting a luxury vehicle to begin with.

Please note that you are not talking to a chatbot or automated messaging service here. Every question is answered directly by a real support agent looking to help you take the right steps and make the right choice.

3) Filter Your Search Results

After you’ve selected your destination and travel dates on the home page, you will be guided to your search results. The plethora of information found here is designed to give you as much intel as possible before you actually make your rental decisions.

Filter the results by make and category if you’re looking for a specific car or prefer a sports car over a family vehicle. Rank results from the highest to the lowest rental fee, or vice versa. View the approximate location for each available car, which helps if you travel to a large city like New York. We all know, after all, that Long Island can be very different from Brooklyn. Once you complete the booking you will get the exact pickup spot.

On your search results page, you will also see the exact price both before and after your discount; we offer 10% off your first rental, and you can see how much money you save right here. Once you’ve selected the ideal option for your needs and preferences, click “checkout” to proceed to the car profile.

4) Examine the Car Profile Pages

Renting the right luxury vehicle is no child’s play. The difference between your options can be both nuanced and significant. Your car profile page helps you sift through the details to make sure you get exactly what you need before you make a commitment.

Here, you can find more information about your car and its features. You will see HD photos so you can envision yourself driving it. Business hours help you understand how easy pickup will be. You may want to add some add-ons, such as personalized drop-off service. Evaluate and choose everything you’re looking for, and click continue.

5) Add Your Personal Driver’s Information

Now, the experience is about to get real. Once you know what car you want to rent, it’s time to enter your personal information. Naturally, that starts with your driver’s information. All you need is your driver’s license. You’ll also need to acknowledge that the person picking up the vehicle is the person whose information you’re entering right now.

Depending on insurance options, you can also customize your experience here. Then, click ‘Save and Continue’ for the final step in the process.

6) Enter Your Payment Details

As with any online service, the final step in the luxury car rental process through CarHopper is your payment information. Note that this exchange (just as your driver’s license above) occurs on a secure site. All information is encrypted to ensure your security and prevent identity fraud.

It’s as easy as adding in your credit card details. And again, if you have any questions or concerns, the chat window is available for you to chat with Rachel or one of our other personal support agents to make sure you get exactly what you need.

7) Wait for the Electronic Confirmation

Your car rental experience is complete! Now, all you need is your confirmation of the booking. You will receive that via email just a few minutes after pressing the final button.

In this email, you’ll be able to see the exact pickup and drop-off location of your vehicle. You will also get a detailed recap of everything you choose, along with next steps if necessary. Finally, it can serve as your receipt and proof of rental, should you need it.

couple enjoying the open road in a luxury car

We want the car booking experience to be simple and straightforward. That’s why we have built our entire website to accomplish that feat. But that doesn’t mean we can anticipate every question along the way. We always encourage you to use our chat window, should they come up. Alternatively, contact us to make sure you are always comfortable and secure in making your luxury car rental experience right.