Giving the Gift of Luxury this Christmas

Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? With the holiday less than a month away, countless shoppers are kicking into high gear trying to find the presents their loved ones, families, and friends have not yet considered.

But what do you get for the one who has everything? Here’s an idea: spread the joy of CarHopper by giving the gift of luxury. It’s easily possible, thanks to our unique referral program.

How Does CarHopper’s Referral Program Work?

The core concept is simple: you share a promo code with a friend, and once it’s used, both of you get a $50 credit on their first or next rental. That $50 might just be what makes a luxury car driving experience possible for someone who had never even considered it.

You can get to that point in three simple steps:

  1. Log into your existing profile, or sign up for CarHopper at
  2. While you are logged in, visit your free rentals page at
  3. Find your promo code, and share it with anyone you want to give the gift of CarHopper in your network.

Just like that, it’s done. Now, all you have to figure out is which of your friends can actually benefit from this undeniably luxurious gift.

Just imagine - this could be the gift you give this year. Just imagine – this could be the gift you give this year.

Where Can Your Friends Benefit?

The answer to that question is simple: everywhere CarHopper rents luxury cars. Every location you see on our website is eligible for the discount.

Do you know someone who wants to visit Art Basel in Miami this December? An exotic car rental can make the experience that much more memorable. Winter getaways to Los Angeles or South Beach are easy to enhance with a Ferrari or Lamborghini under your feet. A shopping visit to New York City of the Hamptons, a trip to San Francisco, or a gambling adventure to Las Vegas can all be improved through the gift of a luxury car rental.

In each location, CarHopper has a variety of luxury vehicles available specifically for our customers’ needs. Whether one is looking for that powerful Porsche or elegant Mercedes, they will find the brand they need. How would it feel to make your friend’s childhood dream of driving a McLaren finally come true?

What’s in it For You?

How would you feel about a Christmas gift that keeps on giving? After all, the best presents you can make are to yourself. At the same time, you don’t want to feel bad about only treating yourself while your loved ones get nothing. So why not combine the two and create the best of both worlds?

That’s what makes our referral program so beneficial. Refer a friend, and you will receive the same $50 off that they do. But it doesn’t stop there! For every friend that uses CarHopper, we will credit your account for every rental they make. The bigger your referral network, the more credit you will receive without any additional effort.

If you’re actively sharing your referral code this Christmas season, you’re not just encouraging your friends and family to take $50 off their first rental. In addition, you will also earn continuous money for every friend that rents with us. If 6 friends join CarHopper as a result of your referral, they each get $50 – but you can save $300 on your next rental.

Think about the difference that $300 can make. Suddenly, you might be able to afford that BMW for one more night or even upgrade to a Ferrari. Simply by referring a few friends, you can go from the car you like and have driven before to the car you’ve always wanted but were never able to afford.

Why You Should Choose CarHopper This Holiday Season

All of the above benefits only leave one question: Why choose CarHopper over other car rental services this holiday seasons? We have a few reasons for you to consider:

  • We offer only the most luxurious cars available. If you rent through us, you know you will get a luxury experience that is unmatched by other services.
  • Our rental experience is streamlined from the start. Simply enter your destination, preferred pickup location, and times of travel, and we will show you our inventory. You can book in just a few steps, online or through our apps.
  • The pricing is straightforward and carries no hidden fees. The rental fee you see on your screen during the booking process is the price you pay in the end.
  • Throughout the entire experience, you receive personalized, 24/7 VIP customer service. If your flight is delayed or you have to rearrange your travels, we can help you through the process in real time.

As you give the gift of CarHopper this Christmas, consider relaying these benefits to the lucky people who receive your referral code. Put simply, renting through us means getting to experience the reasons we’re disrupting the luxury car rental industry from Hollywood to the Hamptons.

Finally, a secret: once your friends start renting through CarHopper, they won’t look back. Our customers love their experience and always come back for more. With our exotic cars in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, and the Hamptons, you can truly turn your driving into a memorable experience. Contact us to learn more about our services and to get any questions about the referral process answered.