September 2018 Car of the Month: Acura NSX

That’s how Car and Driver describes the Acura NSX, Honda’s flagship luxury car. Given the unique mix of elegance and power that this puppy carries, it’s no wonder that the NSX is CarHopper’s September Car of the Month.

This Acura stands out among Honda’s many models. In fact, it’s the car maker’s obvious play to contend with the big boys. And, once you begin to examine its features, you know that the play has been successful. Your turn, competition.

A Sleek Exterior Suggests High-Powered Fun

We’ll get to what’s below the hood in a minute. But let’s be honest: how it all looks matters just as much. Simply put, you do not want to and cannot afford to rent a luxury vehicle that doesn’t look its part. Whether you’re looking to impress a client or simply want to make an entrance, the exterior matters.

The Acura NSX highlights an angular look. Sleek curves have been toned back in exchange for tough angles that make this racer downright menacing. That, plus a downward-facing front and flaring nostrils, almost make the car blend in with the road – if it wasn’t such an attention getter, to begin with.

Combine these features, and one thing becomes clear: this car was meant for fun. Its wide wheelbase and low front mean that you will feel every curve, every acceleration in your body. You know that you will, even with a passing glance. Performance is visible immediately with this exotic vehicle.

The Engine Behind the Power of the NSX

Of course, looks matter little on their own. The performance has to hold up as well. Good news, then, for anyone interested: the NSX doesn’t have to hide behind any of its exotic peers.

This is because it’s a 573 horsepower engine that gets you from 0 to 60 in less than six seconds. Yet, the engine has been constructed in a way that is unusual for this type of racer. Instead of a bright howl or loud dark rumble, the power and acceleration are almost subtle and understated. The road is what matters, not some engine antics that don’t actually lead to anything.

Four drive modes help you almost automatically adjust the engine for any need. The default “Sport” mode allows you to drive and steer easily in everyday situations. Blink and the NSX becomes an almost too natural commuter car. If you want to go even more understated, a “Quiet” mode keeps the engine almost eerily quiet at speeds up to 40 MPH.

At the same time, Acura knows about the devil in all of us. “Sport Plus” gets your car ready for even an imaginary race. Some steering aids still exist, straightening you out when necessary. Otherwise, the powerful engine is unlocked. Finally, things get serious in “Track”, turning your NSX into a true racer. There’s nothing, not even electronic aids, that stand between you and the gas pedal. The steering wheel answers your every turn. You’re truly free – and ready to feel the car’s true power.

Put it all together, and you get the rare exotic car for any need. Whether you want to simply impress on a ride around the city or truly feel the wide reaches of the countryside, here’s a vehicle designed to be as versatile as you need it to be.

Surprisingly Comfortable Interior Features

Let’s face it: especially luxury racers aren’t always comfortable. They tend to sacrifice comfort for style, getting that extra mile by condensing headspace and narrowing the base. Not so with the NSX. In fact, once you get in, you’ll find the interior to be surprisingly right for even longer drives.

Sure, low seat heights make for some challenging entry and exit. But once you’re in, the fun begins. The Acura NSX actually has more headroom and legroom than two of its closest competitors, the Porsche 911 Carrera and the Audi R8.

Once you’re in, the fun begins. The above-mentioned drive modes actually cause your interior lighting to change color, so you’re never unsure what your current driving goals are. Go from the Quiet blue to the aggressive Track red.

interior of black Acura NSX

Even safety does not take a back seat when driving this beauty. In addition to various built-in safety features, the seat and windows are designed to minimize blind spots. Next time you want to pass that slow-moving family van on the highway, you can make sure that the road is clear for your next speed maneuver.

Take the NSX on a Spin for Your Next Luxury Car Rental

The name of the game is versatility. Most luxury vehicles either lend themselves to leisure or business. This is the rare alternative that accomplishes both. So why not consider our September car of the month for your next luxury vehicle rental? The NSX will be sure to pay you back with an unforgettable driving experience.

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