A Purely Elegant Convertible, the 2018 Rolls Royce Dawn

Are you looking for the ultimate in quality, craftsmanship, and ultimate luxury with your next rental car?  If so, the Rolls Royce Dawn in Los Angeles near LAX, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica should be on your shortlist to rent the next time you need to show up in style. Hand-built, exclusive luxury has Rolls Royce ahead of the competition when it comes to stately motorcars, and this Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead stands as the ultimate in hire car luxury. With room for four, this beautiful convertible is the finest way to enjoy a drive under the stars.


With four seats of unmatched comfort, covered in some of the world’s finest natural leathers, the Rolls Royce Dawn is able to bring your group along for the ultimate in motoring luxury when renting in Beverly Hills. Each rider has the ability to choose their own climate with individual controls, and natural grain leather and hand cut wood veneers surround all in your party for an experience that is unquestionably high end. An eighteen speaker stereo system automatically adjusts volume levels to ensure that even with the top down the HiFi system plays a role in the experience. If you decide to bring the top up, it takes just twenty seconds to do so and six layers of roof material ensure that the journey will be comfortable and quiet.

gray rolls royce dawn convertible 2018 interior


On the road, a twin-turbocharged V12 brings absolute power in an unobtrusive fashion. As has always been the mark of the Rolls Royce Dawn, pressing the accelerator brings effortless, calm acceleration suited for all driving situations. Rolls Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy controller gives you one-touch access to navigation, entertainment, and address book, and in conjunction with a heads-up display and forward facing infrared camera you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

gray rolls royce dawn convertible 2018 interior 2


With graceful, elegant lines and the signature chrome Rolls Royce grille, there is no question that when you rent in Beverly Hills the Rolls Royce Dawn wraps you up in the ultimate of luxury and class. Timeless and purely elegant, this Rolls Royce Dawn is available for rent from Carhopper in Los Angeles. As you explore Beverly Hills and take in the latest in designer trends on Brighton Way, renting this Rolls Royce Dawn ensures that what you drive is equally as lavish as what you wear.

gray rolls royce dawn convertible 2018 side view