Freedoms and Thrills, the Polaris Slingshot SL


Driving this Polaris Slingshot SL from Carhopper on your next vacation is sure to bring out of this world fun and a driving experience unlike anything on the road. Combining the ease of a car with the limitless performance of a motorcycle, this is one exciting way to command the road and zip carelessly around the city with an ear-to-ear grin.

Orange Polaris Slingshot 2018 sideview


Built off of a lightweight steel space frame, this Polaris Slingshot SL is designed around the essential elements of driving pleasure. Light and strong, this two seat wonder is powered by a 4 cylinder engine that puts out 173 horsepower and moves this 1,700 pound machine around with ease. Each press of the accelerator sends power to the single rear wheel for quick acceleration, and the front end is stable and planted with a wide, two wheel independent arrangement.

Steering is light and quick in the Slingshot SL, making for unique corner carving abilities without sacrificing any on road manners. Weight is well balanced, and the single coilover rear suspension exhibits a sporty dip on full acceleration. Tight turns are the specialty in the Slingshot S- as much fun as there is in a straight line, we suggest diving into the backroads for maximum fun out of this corner carver.

Next Steps

Easy to drive, yet delivering motorcycle like freedom and thrills, renting this Slingshot SL from Carhopper provides the perfect brush for painting a Las Vegas adventure of your own. While it’s sharp looks and sporty demeanor may catch glances on the Vegas Strip, we suggest pointing this west of downtown and heading towards Desert View Point. With unlimited mileage included, a journey around Mt. Charleston, 7 Magic Mountains, and the Hoover Dam bring breathtaking views and plenty of mountain roads to turn with no limits on the fun to be had.