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How to Plan Around Your CarHopper Trip for Maximum Success

So, you’ve decided on a luxury rental for your next trip to MiamiLos Angeles, or New York City. Great choice! With a service like CarHopper, you can be sure to drive a beautiful, unique car without having to worry about maintenance or any other type of complication. For business or for pleasure, an exotic car rental can give you both the functionality you need and the experience you crave.

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At the same time, making that decision is only the beginning. You want to make sure that the entire trip, including the rental service, will go smoothly. That’s why we’ve built this checklist. Refer to it, before, during, and after the trip to ensure both functional success and a memorable experience.

Before the Trip

1) Learn About Age Minimums

Different cars you rent may have different age limits. Before you make your final choice, it makes sense to understand exactly what they are so you’re not stuck by the time you arrive. Our car profiles have age minimums listed for all vehicles available through CarHopper.

2) Gather Your Needed Documents

For every exotic car rental, you will need at least a valid credit card for the initial security deposit and your driver’s license. Depending on the rental, you may need more. International travelers should always bring their passport. If you plan on using your own insurance, have the policy ready when needed.

3) Confirm Your Reservation Window

How do you know whether you are booking the luxury car for one or two days? Through CarHopper, a one-day booking is exactly 24 hours. If you plan on picking up the vehicle at 8 am and drop it off at 2 pm that’s a two-day reservation. But if you don’t pick it up until 3 pm with the same drop-off time, you only pay for one day.

4) Prepare for Additional Drivers (if Needed)

If more than one person might drive the car, you should know about it early. Let us know about any additional drivers prior to your arrival, and bring the necessary documents (driver’s license and potential passport) for the driver on the trip with you.

5) Detail Your Drop-Off Plans

You’re not restricted to the same city. For example, you may want to drop off your NYC car in the Hamptons, or take a road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas. That’s no problem at all – just let us know about it. As early as you know your plans. That way, we can plan everything as needed prior to your travel to make the rental experience smooth.

During the Trip

6) Take a Photo With the Car

After all, you don’t want to forget about it soon thereafter. Take a picture that shows to yourself that the dream actually happened and that you’re actually driving that Porsche or Lamborghini. You might even want to take more than one.

7) Play Some of Your Favorite Music

Every car you rent will boast a great entertainment system. At the same time, driving a luxury car is an experience as much as a functional transportation opportunity. So why not combine the two? Blast some of your favorite music for maximum enjoyment and entertainment.

8) Mark Your Dream Destinations

Don’t leave things up to chance. Instead, plan in advance. Consider visiting three destinations in the course of your trip that you’ve always wanted to see. That way, you can more specifically adjust your travel plans and itinerary to leave nothing to chance.

9) Follow Our City Guides for Activity Tips

We’ve written a variety of city guides designed specifically for luxury travelers. So why not take advantage of them as you visit? Here are some examples:

And those are just a few samples. Browse our website for your destination, and leverage the shared tips into a better overall experience.

At the Conclusion of the Trip

10) Plan Enough Time for Airport Travel

You don’t want to let your travels back home or to a new destination become stressful. Plan and schedule your drop-off so you have plenty of time to return to the airport and make your flight. Plan with extra time as needed; those airport lounges are not the worst place to wait if you arrive early.

11) Fuel the Car for Drop-Off

Yes, we can fuel the car for you, but that might cost extra. Dropping it off with a full gas tank ensures a better, simpler experience for you. Find a gas station close to the drop-off spot, so that the process becomes even easier.

12) Take Your Final Photos

You want to make the trip memorable, and pictures can help. Take them to remember the interior of the car, as well as the destinations you’ve visited. At the very least, you can use them to determine whether you want to try out the same or a different car next time.

13) Send Us Your Feedback

We want to hear from you. Of course, we love to read positive experience, but we’re also looking for improvement where needed. Let us know about your CarHopper trip, whether the rental was as expected, and where we can improve.

14) Start Planning Your Next CarHopper Trip

After the trip is before the trip! Take your experience and let it influence your next journey. Make a list of the destinations you didn’t get to visit, and start looking at the available vehicles for them. Reserve the exotic car you’re looking for early to lock in and guarantee your pick.

Leveraging CarHopper for Luxury Car Rental Success

CarHopper is not just any luxury car rental service. It’s the best way to make sure you get a ride in some of America’s hottest destinations that match your style and expectations. With this checklist, you can maximize your chances of not just preparing for a trip, but making sure it’s successful through the end. Contact us if you have any questions, or want to work with us directly on your next exotic car rental.


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