Now partnering with exotic car rental companies

CarHopper is proud to announce its Affiliates option for local and independently owned luxury and exotic car rental companies throughout Miami. These businesses can now list their fleet of cars on CarHopper for free–no strings attached. This is a fantastic opportunity for smaller and independently owned exotic car rental companies to take advantage of widespread market exposure that will increase sales, customer satisfaction, and fleet utilization rate. Check out the benefits waiting for you when you list your fleet on CarHopper:

  • Compete with the big boys. Listing your fleet on CarHopper allows you to compete with car rental giants like Avis who leverage online travel agencies like Expedia to increase exposure. Each vehicle has its own online profile, highlighting marketable features–these profiles are visible to everyone using the CarHopper app or visiting the website.
  • Save money. Not only does CarHopper offer your company increased exposure that will broaden your customer base, but we will also save you money. There is no initiation fee, no monthly fee, no pay-per-click fees, and no hidden costs. We only earn a simple 25% commission from successful transactions through CarHopper. You’ll also save money on marketing and operating costs–we run our own marketing campaigns, operate strictly online, and eliminate the need for web development costs (you’ll no longer need to worry about creating an eye-popping website to ensure sales!).
  • Peace of mind. CarHopper runs MVR background checks and utilizes other internal user verification algorithms to ensure that only responsible drivers are renting your vehicles.

CarHopper offers an unbeatable opportunity for smaller exotic car rental companies to compete with the giants of the industry. Imagine how much simpler your job will be if you are no longer worrying about potential customers lost to other companies. With the stress of marketing lifted from your shoulders, you are free to work on other important areas, such as developing great customer relationships. Listing through CarHopper is a simple process that will reap numerous rewards. If you are looking to rent a car in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and the Hamptons, please feel free to contact us to find out if your business qualifies for this wonderful program!