Celebrate MLK Day with a luxury or exotic car

MLK Day has garnered a national reputation as a day of reflection and education.  It is a day when we commemorate a man whose character represents the values of truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility, and service.  Dr. King was a visionary, a revolutionary, and a man of action, great bravery, and courage.  He was a man who ultimately paid a high price in the end for his strongly held belief that no matter your ethnic background, you are a part of the great dream he had for America.  A dream that all people would be created equally and learn tolerance for individuals different from themselves.

True Luxury Defines Humility

As you prepare to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King, it’s only befitting you do it in a luxury or exotic car, because after all, he deserves it.  Here’s to Dr. King!  Through this holiday you will relax, reflect, and maintain a degree of humility.  You will become a revolutionary and choose either a luxury or exotic car rental that speaks directly to your character.  You will not speak verbally, but instead, let your vehicle speak for you — and luxury and exoticism certainly have their way of speaking loudly.  You will demonstrate a small measure of arrogance and exude an enormous amount of presence.  Your appearance and your car will dominate, as only true luxury can.

But keep in mind, you are still a humble individual with a vision of prestige, and the nature of this holiday requires you remain poised for the duration of the trip.  So you will need to respect the legacy of this day.  No judging other cars on the road that are less fortunate than your extravagant or alluring rental car from CarHopper.  Similar to Dr. King’s dream that we learn to tolerate and accept individuals different from ourselves, the same applies to cars.  It’s not their fault they are not luxury or exotic.  So be nice.  Don’t judge.  But discreetly observe.

OK, open your eyes now.  You’ve been given your driving orders, and it’s time to decide which car you will drive during the MLK holiday weekend.

So, What’s Your Pleasure?

Do you want a luxury car rental that’s smooth, sleek, polished, loaded with power and luxurious leather trim, rims to die for, and filled with all the latest technology a car can handle (wi-fi network, electronic traction control, voice activation system, a navigation system, etc.)?

Or would you prefer a more exotic car rental?  Something that immediately grabs the attention of spectators and enviers along the way and yells to the crowd as you clock in and arrive on the scene?  Yes, even humility can garner attention and get you noticed.

You have choices.  This is your life.  This is your dream.  And if money is no object, take it off the table and let CarHopper help you decide.  Whatever you want, we can assist you in making your dream reality.

Where Will You Go … What Will You Do?

Well, let’s see.  For certain, New York is cold this time of year, but a cozy, creative, and noiseless winter getaway during the Martin Luther KingJrholiday weekend will empower and revolutionize your spirit.  As for San Francisco, it’s much warmer than New York this time of year.  With its sweeping vistas, amazing parks, beautiful beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine, it’s a fantastic place to visit during this weekend.

Now, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, too, are much warmer during this time and offer an abundance of activities to partake in.  There is so much to see and do in both places that you may have to return to experience many of them! Then, of course, there’s Miami.  With gorgeous spring weather in the winter, fancy Floridians roaming to and fro, and some of the best places to shop, there is no reason why this wouldn’t be the perfect place to visit.

These are all good choices for a holiday getaway.  But to help you decide, let’s paint a bigger picture.

The Hamptons in the Winter

Unlike summer in the Hamptons, winter in the Hamptons is quite a different image.  It is a cozy and luxurious way to enjoy your MLK weekend.  Open-air ice-skating, hot cider, frosted windows, oyster farms, world-class art viewing, wine tasting, and affordable pricing greet you when you arrive.  Not to mention, there are plenty of trafficless streets to explore in your state-of-the-art luxury 2016 Mercedes-Benz S model sedan — crafted only for the elite at heart.  Here, you will have ample opportunity to be seen while making your journey through the captivating communities in the Hamptons.

New York City in the Winter

How ironic is it that non-stop traffic, crazy taxi cab drivers, obnoxious and annoying crowds, terrible winter weather, and unpleasant odors are everything we love about New York City and what keeps this city alive?  This love is the exact reason to visit New York during the MLK Day weekend.

Take a joyride down Broadway in an affordable Jaguar F-Type luxury car rental to the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space to mingle with the ritzy and enjoy a celebratory night of music while viewing the powerful work of artists who share Dr. King’s vision and voice for justice, peace, and civil rights.

San Francisco in the Winter

Oh, the beauty of the Bay!  All eyes will be on you when you pull up to the Yerba Buena Gardens in an exotic drop-top Ferrari 488S rental car to witness the awe-inspiring Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Fountain. This fountain is the largest fountain on the West Coast, and etched glass excerpts of Dr. King’s speeches are engraved in the languages of San Francisco’s sister cities.  It’s truly a sight to behold.

Los Angeles & Las Vegas in the Winter

Kill two trips with one fantasy dream car this holiday weekend.  Roll out in your 2017 Rolls Royce Dawn and spend a day or two in Los Angeles.  Take time to break bread at any of the Martin Luther King, Jr Community Breakfast locations.  In the afternoon, grab a seat and watch the 33rd annual celebration of the Kingdom Day Parade, which celebrates the work of Dr. King and other civil rights leaders.

From here, rev up the “Royce” and travel to Las Vegas for more MLK weekend celebrating.  With all the miles you’ll be driving in your “luxury-otic” rental car – yes, we know it’s not a word, but go with us here — the level of attention you receive will be amazing.  Again, all eyes will be on you as you cruise.

Miami in the Winter

Miami is a cultural melting pot that celebrates the diversity of many races and honors the very essence of Dr. King’s legacy.  The music, the fashion, the cuisine, and the different nationalities make it one of the most rhythmic and diverse cities in America and one of the most exciting places to visit during the MLK Day weekend.  And it doesn’t hurt that temperatures in January rest in the mid to high 70’s!

Hit the highway in a sexy exotic beast of a car like the 2018 Ferrari California FF and immerse yourself in the culture of your choice while participating in one of the many Martin Luther King, Jr. celebratory events of this holiday weekend.

Your Confidence In Us Matters

CarHopper specializes in connecting our customers with the best opportunities to rent the exotic or luxury car of their dreams at the most affordable rates.  Complete satisfaction is our goal.  Celebrating life, legacy, and luxury is yours.  So, let this be your moment.  Please contact us for more information and allow us to assist you with planning the most unforgettable MLK Day getaway imaginable.