A Handcrafted Luxury Convertible, the 2016 Mercedes SL63


When Southern California weather beckons, drop the top on this exquisite roadster and let the wind rush through your hair piloting the Mercedes SL63 AMG. With a powerhouse handcrafted V8 engine driving the rear wheels, performance motoring is just the turn of a key away in this luxurious convertible. The folding hard roof disappears at the press of a button, and this gives the Mercedes SL63 the sleek look of a coupe with on-demand open-top thrills. While everyone else rents the same old run of the mill convertibles, why not pick up something to match your exacting tastes and open up to exploring in Los Angeles with Carhopper and this drop top AMG.

black mercedes SL63 amg convertible 2016 front view


The exclusivity starts under the hood when you pick up this luxury convertible, as each engine is hand assembled for exacting precision and craftsmanship. This 5.5 liter V8 features twin turbochargers that boost total output to an electrifying 577 horsepower. Exotic and lively in its tone, the quad-tipped sports exhaust sings along with each input you deliver to the throttle.

The pace is staggering, though at no time does the SL63 AMG feel as if it is struggling to manage all of its forward momenta thanks to active suspension and a limited slip differential. If you find the need, launch control will rocket this luxury convertible to 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds.


Offering ample legroom for both passengers, the Mercedes SL63 provides a lovely environment for ticking away miles in serenity. The heated leather seats have 12-way adjustment for optimal support, and even feature a special coating on the leather to reflect sunlight and keep the cabin cool. The central display manages media functions, and the Harman/Kardon sound system is rich and warm in filling the cabin with the music of your choosing. CarPlay and Android Auto options allow seamless integration of your mobile device to the car, allowing you to stay updated on work while on the road.

black mercedes SL63 amg convertible 2016 interior

If your next trip to Los Angeles takes you on the road, do so in a car that rewards you with every mile that passes. Offering drop top thrills and stunning levels of performance, the Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG is the do-it-all luxury grand tourer that cannot be missed. Rent the Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Newport Beach, and near LAX.