A Lavish Convertible, the 2017 Mercedes SL550


Looking to take in the fresh air and bright skies of sunny southern California the next time you head west for pleasure or business? Make each errand a top-down adventure and rent this Mercedes SL550 in Los Angeles near LAX to take control of a luxurious motoring experience that is fit to please no matter the itinerary. With a power folding hard roof and power aplenty from a 4.7L bi-turbo V8, this grand touring convertible brings a pinch of sport to any situation. Welcoming and lavish inside, picking up the Mercedes SL550 convertible is a great way to ensure you’ll spend your time renting in Beverly Hills soaking up the sun.

white mercedes SL550 convertible 2017 side view


Despite all of the impressive hardware underneath sculpted sheet metal, hiring an SL550 convertible will make luxury the first priority throughout your journey. The heated and cooled leather seats are covered in supple natural leather, and not only are they power adjustable but also offer a massage feature to ensure both passengers ride in comfort during the longest of road trips. On the off chance you catch rain during your travels, the hard top roof extends with just the push of a button and will function up to 25 miles per hour to facilitate a quick getaway.

white mercedes SL550 convertible 2017 interior


While grand touring inclinations make this the perfect dance partner for a west coast road trip, there is plenty of power that is available throughout your time in this luxury sports convertible. When you hire this Mercedes SL550 convertible in West Hollywood, prodigious power rests with your right foot and is prepared to rocket down the open road. With a 4.7 liter V8 fed by twin turbochargers, the hardware is impressive and results in a sense-scrambling 449 horsepower for confident, linear acceleration on demand.  

Next Steps

For a special occasion, the Mercedes SL550 booking with Carhopper oozes character that is sure to put an exclamation point on a special night out. Rest assured, no matter where your dinner reservations may be, the SL550 leaves an impression that is sure to draw stares of admiration toward the valet desk.  Pamper yourself and take the keys to this luxurious rental in Newport Beach the next time drop top fun is in the forecast.