A dynamic Handcrafted Sedan, the 2018 Mercedes C63 AMG

At a quick glance, there is little hint from the outside of the Mercedes C63 AMG to tell that this luxury sedan is unlike any other Los Angeles luxury rental. Sure, an understated exterior features 20 inch alloy wheels and quad exhausts, but its real character is revealed the moment you press the start button. The roar of the 4.0 liter, bi-turbo engine is exotic and unmistakably AMG to the ear of an enthusiast. While delivering on luxury car comfort during your rental, the Mercedes C63 AMG is a 469 horsepower wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting for you to push the gas and show its true colors.

silver mercedes c63 amg 2017 sideview


With seating for five and a spacious automatic trunk, the luxurious C63 AMG is more than livable on a daily basis. Interior materials are quality to the touch, and the center console is inlaid with high polish trims. Heated front bucket seats have adjustable bolsters on the seat and back, and are one of our favorite sport seats due to their great support. The steering wheel has a supple leather wrap and aluminum paddle shifters are available for rowing your own gears. This luxury sedan has easy to use touchscreen display that can be controlled by a rotary dial as well, actuation is intuitive and the menus are well laid out.

silver mercedes c63 amg 2017 interior

Located on the console is a rocker switch for adjusting the AMG Dynamic drive characteristics, and while comfort mode is great for effortless commuting about town, Sport+ is our choice. Here, the bi-turbo V8 and 7-speed transmission sharpen responses to make this a most visceral experience, and blinding acceleration is only interrupted by a voracious roar with each upshift. At speed, the Mercedes C63 AMG finds itself most comfortable and the powerful motor enables effortless interstate travel.

Under the hood

With massive six-piston front brakes and a limited slip rear differential, this luxury sports sedan is ready to put the power down throughout your entire rental.  The multilink suspension has adjustable dampening ranges from soft and compliant to a race-ready stiff and can be controlled remotely in the cabin. Steering is somewhat light but responsive enough to make this a joy to hustle through corners.

Blend in undetected while traversing the city, and be the only one in on the secret as to what really lies within this powerful Benz in Los Angeles. One of the few cars that can go directly from executive parking to the race track, rent this Mercedes C63 AMG near LAX, or in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Newport Beach for a driving experience that won’t be forgotten.