An Affordable Luxury Convertible, the Mercedes C300 convertible

Heading to Miami Beach and in need of a drop top stunner that is big on fun in the sun? For those who hope to find a little bit of luxury in the same package, the Mercedes C300 convertible in Miami is ready to open up to the sky and soak in the Ft. Lauderdale sun. Few places offer the beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures as Downtown Miami, and that is why we suggest letting the sun in when renting for business or leisure. Make sure to remember your sunblock, however, as it can get hot out there!


Brickell offers rooftop dining and glittering towers and is where leisure and business come together downtown. For those who need to be able to play in both arenas, the Mercedes C300 convertible is the right choice to rent in Miami. With inspiring performance from a turbocharged mill make the most of your time on the road by driving something out of the ordinary. 255 horsepower bring enjoyable performance with the Mercedes C300 convertible, and a standard sport suspension ensures that enjoyment continues even when the road begins to wind.


The opulent cabin has beautiful aluminum highlights that glisten in the sun, and the top can rise with the press of a button for those quick afternoon showers. While we expect the top to be down at most times, with the roof up the cabin is serene and leather surrounds all with soft materials at every touchpoint. Heated front seats and dual climate zones give both driver and passenger independent comfort as the wind gently passes through the cabin.

black mercedes c300 convertible interior

Next Steps

Also available for hire in Los Angeles near LAX, Downtown Beverly Hills, Central West Hollywood, sunny Santa Monica, the drop-top Benz is a great choice to take in the wild west with a top-down attitude all the way to the San Francisco Bay Area. Capable of effortlessly dispatching mile after mile of open road, this is a wonderful choice to take for a road trip with that special someone.  When booking, be sure to ask about our one-way rental that allows you to leave this luxury convertible at the end of your trip for the perfect road-going getaway!