Upgrade to a luxury car during Memorial day

Your bags are packed.  Your self-esteem is in check.  Self-expression is ready for launch.  And cruise control is set — now that’s living the dream!  Feel the breeze in your hair and musical sounds of wind in your ear as you navigate the streets of your chosen destination in the luxury vehicle of your dreams while onlookers and underdogs envy your success.  You see it, right?

So, in this vision, which car did you choose?  Which car best defined your character?  The Ferrari?  The Mercedes-Benz?  BMW?  Lamborghini?  Rolls Royce?  Aston Martin?  Or something other?  Although, whichever one you chose, it couldn’t’ve been wrong, because manufacturers of luxury cars like this get it right every time.  This level of quality, finesse, and sophistication are how these cars are judged.  They are unparalleled, unmatched, and unsurpassed by any vehicle not in this group of exceptional cars.  Thus, your choice is almost unnecessary… you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Upgrade That Dream Into Reality

Do you enjoy driving luxury or exotic cars and imagine yourself in the driver seat of one of these power-packed vehicles? Do you imagine yourself with total control over every piece of equipment inside? Does your adrenaline rush when you think about it? Then it’s high-time you engage the service of CarHopper to assist with upgrading your next travel experience!  This is when the transition begins and you make the decision to go from standard car rental to luxury car rental.  You’ve worked hard, you’ve done the time, and now you should be rewarded.

Why not plan a Memorial Day getaway and reserve a luxury or exotic rental car to make the trip?  The month of May might seem a long way from now, but, no, it’s not!  And unless you are financially equipped to do this sort of traveling regularly, or have already done the hard work and made the necessary sacrifices, you’ll need to save your finances to pay for this experience of a lifetime.  Before this upper-echelon weekend kicks off, you’ll want to be prepared to make an informed decision about which car is right for you and which will accomplish the purpose of posturing you for a grand appearance.

Are you drawn to the exotic?  Do you want luxury?  Whichever it is, the upgrade is a necessary step in elevating you to what could very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase your hard-earned status and prestige.  CarHopper makes this process safe, simple, and thorough through its convenient online platform.

Where Should You Go This Memorial Day?

Whether your getaway includes a visit to Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, or even the Hamptons, timing and weather couldn’t be better for this time of year.  This will only add to the ambiance of the trip.


Miami, with its pristine beaches, shops, top-notch restaurants, and never-ending nightlife is a draw for just about every tourist who visits.  With South Beach being such a popular destination, it is the perfect place to go cruisin’ and be seen.  Whether your getaway is for business or pleasure, you cannot go wrong choosing this destination.

Los Angeles or Las Vegas

Though, if traveling south doesn’t interest you, try heading west to Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  Both offer a plethora of choices to keep you busy and get you noticed.  Cruise Rodeo Drive during the day and Sunset Blvd in the evening for an amazing nightlife.  But be careful! To your surprise, you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with celebrities out for an evening of fun.

Depart Los Angeles and head to Las Vegas to peruse the strip for unlimited non-stop celebration.  Entertainment shows.  Movies.  Shopping.  Gourmet food in every casino and a chance to try your luck at every table.  But of course, if the strip is not your scene, take a drive to the Grand Canyon for an exceptional experience you’ll never forget.  This is your chance to really feel the power of the luxury vehicle you’re driving.  After all, you are the temporary owner of the vehicle for the weekend, so open it up and let it ride!

The only thing that could make this scene better? You actually being there - in a luxury car, of course.

The only thing that could make this scene better? You actually being there – in a luxury car, of course.

San Francisco

Another amazing place to consider visiting is San Francisco.  Of all its tourist attractions, the Golden Gate Bridge is by far the most popular, with Twin Peaks Summit being a close second.  The drive across the bridge is simply amazing and even more beautiful in the evening.  A picturesque view from the driver seat of your luxury car only makes your visit more worthwhile.

New York

Then there’s the choice of New York.  What will it be,  New York City?  The Hamptons?  Yes, CarHopper has you covered in these cities too!  Nothing but pure beauty and relaxation.  A getaway without the added stress of bumper to bumper traffic makes this the perfect getaway… still with good food, good shopping, and great people all around.  Not to mention, the extreme exuberance you will feel as you drive your exotic rental car through the Hamptons with authority and dominance.

Why Rent a Luxury Vehicle For Your Holiday Getaway?

Simply put, because you can, and furthermore, because you deserve it!  Remember, you have arrived, and this is your weekend to make an impression.  To grandstand a little and gasconade about your accomplishments — although humility is still an option should you choose to take a softer approach.

Nonetheless, Memorial Day is not only the day we honor men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military, but also a day for family fun, friends gathering, music, and delicious food.  And for some, it’s an excellent day (or weekend) to take advantage of a few of the perks they’ve built up by making earlier sacrifices.  Perhaps during this luxurious weekend, you’ll take the opportunity to flaunt your success, garner a little attention, and show the crowd that you truly have arrived.

Consequently, a luxury car rental or exotic car rental will help get the job done quickly.  A sexy finish, a phenomenal trim, memory-inducing color, an engine that roars or hums if you prefer, features for days, and room enough to carry all of your items for your extended holiday… what more could you desire?  Yet, still, the features-list persists.  You get the gist.

Things to Consider Before You Make Your Decision

Whether you’d be going on the road for business, pleasure, just for seeking the thrill of a lifetime, you want to do it in style.  Thus, before you indulge this grand adventure, consider these things:

  • Understand exactly how the rental process works and seriously consider the experience of the company. It matters!
  • Make certain you are getting the vehicle shown in the picture.
  • Inquire about insurance so you are clear on exactly what you are responsible for should an unfortunate event occur.
  • Ask about customer service to ensure you will receive proper support if needed.

But of course, CarHopper will make sure these things are clearly explained and assist you with handling them before you are scheduled to pick up your luxury rental car.

Turn to CarHopper For Your Luxury and Exotic Car Rental Needs!

With our ability to find perfect and affordable luxury and exotic rental cars for all of our customers, you can trust us to assist with making your Memorial Day travel plans simple, inspiring, and the most exhilarating.  Because finding luxuriously-exotic car rentals for our guests is our specialty, we make experiences happen and memories linger.  Contact us for more information and let us help prepare you for the Memorial Day holiday.