An Exclusive Exotic Supercar, the McLaren 650S


Next time you travel to Las Vegas, take notice of what is parked outside of all of the hottest spots. For those looking to have a lavish experience in town, what people drive is as important as where they stay. With the McLaren 650S from Carhopper Las Vegas energy and excitement will be a part of every drive you take in this exhilarating supercar. With neck straining acceleration and looks that can break necks, this is a for sure way to make an impression with every arrival in Sin City.

black mclaren 650s 2015 convertible sideview


With a mid-engine layout, this carbon fiber bodied supercar starts with a structure that is optimized for light weight and a low center of gravity. Drawing from experience of racing at the highest levels obsessive attention to detail and high-end materials have kept weight down while optimizing strength, which results in lightning-quick reflexes and breathtaking feats of acceleration.


From a start you’ll appreciate the tone from the McLaren 650S at idle, but as the revs climb the sound turns into a symphony of automotive bliss. Having the engine directly behind the driver and passenger results in a unique auditory adventure as the motor works to produce 650 horsepower from its twin-turbo V8. From this endless well of power, you’ll find near limitless acceleration and pace that is sure to put fits into supercars of all stripes. Few are lucky enough to get behind the wheel of such a masterpiece of engineering, yet with Carhopper you can book now for seat time that is sure to enliven and invigorate.

black mclaren 650s 2015 convertible interior

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One of the most sought-after high-end rental cars, the McLaren 650S can transform every drive into a remarkable experience. Stunning at rest and dominant at speed, the McLaren 650S booking with Carhopper stands to make a lasting impression from the moment you first raise the signature hinged doors and start up this fire-breathing supercar.