Trendiest luxury cars to rent during Art Basel in Miami

Anyone who spends enough time in Miami, Florida knows about Art Basel, one of the greatest art shows in the United States. With lead art galleries lending out works from the greatest modern and contemporary artists, it’s a must-see if you’ve never attended.

It’s not all about the paintings, though. You’ll see sculptures, installations, photographs, and films in various venues. Films have become a center of importance here in recent years, including in nearby Collins Park and SoundScape Park.

This year’s Art Basel takes place December 6-10 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. But how you’ll get there if planning to attend? You’ll want to arrive in style, but what options do you have if you don’t want to buy a luxury car?

Why Renting a Luxury Car is Smart for Art Basel

Consider how much money you’d have to spend just to buy a car like a Ferrari, a Porsche, or a Tesla. Some of these cost well into the six-figure range, and it might become a waste if you only use your luxury car to attend occasional events. Even just driving a non-luxury car to Art Basel in Miami could cost a lot in paying for gas and upkeep!

Renting a luxury car is your best bet, and we can easily accommodate you at CarHopper. Did you know you can rent a Ferrari, a Porsche, and a Tesla car for less per day than you’d ever expect? Take a look at some great luxury cars to rent to attend Art Basel in December.

Renting a Ferrari

You may think renting a Ferrari is far too expensive, let alone buying one. Through CarHopper, we can arrange for you to pay only $990 per day. It’s possible to rent at this rate and cover 100 miles, with only an additional $5 charge for each additional mile traveled.

As you already know, Ferrari is one of the most popular luxury cars in the world. Plus, as one of the most expensive cars in the world, the above rate is a true steal in the car rental business. The California model you’ll receive is only two years old and a bright red to help you stand out when driving to see Art Basel. You’ll also fit into the luxurious surroundings as you drive through Miami afterward.

Renting a Porsche

Some people would choose a Porsche as an alternative to Ferrari. Did you know you can rent the former per day at an even cheaper rate than the Ferrari above? We can arrange it so you drive a Porsche 911 for only $504 a day. This rate includes another 100 miles per day, with only a $2 charge for each additional mile.

If you know anything about the Porsche 911, you know the buying price is well over $100,000 nowadays. There really isn’t any point spending money like this just to use it occasionally to attend big events around Miami. We make it easy for you to choose what day you want to rent your Porsche, and for how long. Considering we give you a 2017 version of the 911, you’re getting the absolute best at a very affordable price.

Renting a Tesla Model X

Those of you still new to Tesla cars may not know how it ranks as the most supreme car in the known universe. You can’t say Elon Musk doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to creating supercars. He continues to evolve his Teslas, especially the upcoming Roadster update.

The Model X is classified as an all-electric SUV, though it has considerably more power than any SUV you’ll find in the world. It can accelerate to 60 mph in a little over two seconds, demonstrating how incredibly fast all Tesla cars are. You can also drive 295 miles on a single charge, proving just how much Tesla continues to reinvent electric cars as we know them.

All of these specs (and many other luxury features) probably makes you think renting is out of the question. But it isn’t! Even if buying is completely off-limits, you’ll be surprised at how little you’ll pay to rent the Model X for just one day. Through CarHopper, we’ll arrange for you to rent this car for a $360 daily rate.

Driving a Tesla to Art Basel is truly going to turn heads when you drive up to park. In fact, driving one of these is sure to stand out from most other cars attending the event. Visitors won’t know you rented it at a bargain price, even if we don’t mind you spreading the word.

Finding More Luxury Cars Through CarHopper

These cars are just the beginning when it comes to luxury cars you can rent in Miami and other big cities. We invite you to look at our inventory and let us link you up with local car rentals to grab the luxury car you’ve always wanted.

We’re here to turn to when other events in Miami occur throughout 2018. In the meantime, you’ll be set up to drive one of the hottest cars on Miami’s hottest day of the year.

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