Tips to rent a luxury car for Business Travelers

Business travelers have unique reasons for traveling in style. In addition to their own comfort, anyone who meets with an entertains clients has to be aware of the impression they leave at first sight.

For those reasons, renting a luxury or exotic car is an increasingly popular opportunity for business travelers like you. But what do you need to know about the concept? How can you make sure that your rental actually holds its promise, and helps you in every aspect of your trip? The five tips for business travelers renting a luxury or exotic car mentioned below allow you to unlock the reasons this type of vehicle makes sense for you in the first place.

3 Reasons a Luxury or Exotic Car Makes Sense for Business Travelers

  1. Traveling in Style. Whether you travel frequently or only occasionally for your business, you need to make sure you are comfortable. What better way to accomplish that feat than through a vehicle that elevates the best aspects of your business? Put simply, a luxury or exotic car allows you to travel in style.
  2. Focusing on Business Matters. Perhaps just as crucially as traveling in style, renting a luxury or exotic vehicle also allows you to focus on your business matters as you travel. You don’t have to worry about nearly as much when getting behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce, Bentley, or comparable vehicles.
  3. Leaving a Lasting Impression. Finally, don’t underestimate the impression that a luxury or exotic car can have on your clients. Whether you are looking to add a new client to your account or looking to extend an existing contract, your vehicle needs to convey your brand as well as you do yourself. With a luxury car rental, you can accomplish that just that.

5 Tips for Business Travelers Looking to Rent a Luxury or Exotic Car

All of the above benefits make renting a luxury or exotic car for your next business trip a natural choice. However, you can only unlock them if you go through the rental process the right way, and consider all of your options. The below 5 tips help you accomplish just that.

1) Conduct Research on Available Options

First, you have to make sure that you know exactly what’s available for you. Conduct an initial online search into the cities to which you are traveling, to better understand your options. It also makes sense to connect with business contacts at your destination on luxury car rental opportunities they have taken advantage of in the past.

Once you know the various services available, it makes sense to build an understanding of the catalog of vehicles you can choose from. Different types of travel demand various types of luxury cars; you have to make sure that luxury, in this case, does not mean leisurely sports car, but professional elegance.

2) Choose a Car that Matches Your Brand

Beyond simply finding a vehicle that matches the overall purpose of your business travel, you should also look for luxury and exotic cars that actually match your company and personal brand. In attempting to convince high-end clients to join forces with you, branding and appearances are absolutely crucial.

Rolls Royce, for instance, stands for classic and established elegance. A Ferrari, on the other hand, might convey more of an energetic feeling of an upstart firm. Which of the two works better for your intentions during the business trip depends on the individual brand you are looking to represent.

3) Understand the Budget Implications

Generally speaking, luxury car is a broad term. It can refer to anything from Mercedes and BMW to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Each of these brands, of course, come with very different price tags that have to match up with your company’s budget.

When doing your research into potential luxury and exotic rentals, be sure to understand the price involved. That means not just the daily rental, but potential fees included. CarHopper does not charge hidden fees, so this part of the research will be simplified for business travelers like you.

4) Rent Early to Maximize Ideal Match

In the luxury and exotic car rental industry, inventory tends to be limited. While companies pride themselves on extensive selection, they cannot guarantee that an individual make or model will be available at your preferred destination if you only book the car a day in advance.

5) Find the Right Partner

Finally, you have to make sure that the service from which you rent your luxury or exotic vehicle can actually provide you with everything you need, while also making the process as easy, convenient, and flexible as possible. Too many luxury and exotic rental services put hurdles in the way of potential customers that complicate matters.

CarHopper differs in all of the above. We’re disrupting the market by offering luxury and exotic cars to high-end customers not just at low prices, but through a simple process that requires little more than a search from a computer or mobile phone, as well as choosing your preferred vehicle. The car you book on CarHopper is the car you get, with no surprises.

As one of our customers, Jack Sampson notes, this combination of convenience, flexibility, and a wide selection is what makes CarHopper such a quality partner for business travelers like you. Browse our website for available vehicles in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, the Hamptons, San Francisco; or contact us with any additional questions about the process.