Lori Shabtai: Entrepreneur, Socialite, Mother

CarHopper has the potential to be many things to many people. We sat down with real estate entrepreneur and New York socialite Lori Shabtai to discuss her experience with CarHopper. When she discovered that her new grandchild was arriving three weeks earlier than anticipated, CarHopper helped solve many problems and offered the kind of experience she needed to make her trip even more pleasant. Let’s hear from Lori about herself, her CarHopper experience, and why she’d most definitely use CarHopper again!

Q: Hi, Lori! Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I’ve been told it is said that if you are seeking an outwww of the box thinker, a creative deal maker, and a truly committed customer-focused top broker with absolute integrity, ask for Lori Shabtai. I work every day to live up to those expectations and I take pride in creating experiences and relationships that will endure way beyond any single deal. I am known for my focus on investment sales, retail brokerage (tenant and owner representation), international and national hotel, hospitality, and brand advisory services, as well as sales of residential and retail condos. I am a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and was named among NYC’s Top Retail Brokers by CoStar Group.

Q: Wow! That’s quite the list of accomplishments! Can you tell us which ones you’re most proud of?

Lori Shabtai with her new-born granddaughter.

A: My greatest achievement, and the one I hold as my most significant accomplishment, is being the mother of three grown children who are truly magnificent human beings. I am now a proud grandmother. My other passions are cooking and sports, and I have also co-authored (with Elizabeth Sobieski) a soon-to-be-published coffee table book all about blondes, titled BLONDE.

Lori Shabtai with her new-born granddaughter.

Q: Sounds like some amazing accomplishments. Now, you need to tell us a story about becoming a grandmother for the first time and how CarHopper helped you out, right?

A: CarHopper granted me one of the most seamless and pleasant business experiences of my life! I am a commercial real estate broker shuttling between New York and Los Angeles, and I was waiting for my Bentley to be shipped from east to west. But sometimes the unexpected happens–and this time, it did it in such a way that I needed a car sooner rather than later.

I learned I was to become a grandmother three weeks earlier than anticipated. Of course, that’s when a grandma-to-be jumps into action! Thanks to the wonderful team at CarHopper, after I provided necessary information at the push of a button, I had a gorgeous 2017 white Mercedes delivered to my house almost immediately upon arrival in Los Angeles. That gave me quick and easy access to my own vehicle to take to the hospital.

Q: Now that’s customer service! How much trouble was the process of getting a car to you?

A: Getting a car–including the fact that it was brought directly to me–was no trouble at all. And it was Christmas Day! After the easy signing drop-off (while my eldest daughter was in labor), I experienced the luxury of jumping into my fully fueled two-door luxury vehicle and enjoying one of the most wonderful moments in my life! There was no long wait when I was more concerned about other things than I was about my car. It was one of the easiest experiences I’ve ever been able to enjoy. I got to be right on hand for that amazing moment when my beautiful granddaughter was born on December 26th!

Q: How long did you need your car? Was the process convenient throughout?

A: After meeting my granddaughter, I decided that I wanted to extend my stay so that I could spend more time with her and with my daughter. When I chose to extend my stay beyond CarHapper’s specified contract, once again I was accommodated with absolute kindness, care, and efficiency. I got the vehicle I needed at my convenience, giving me my own car to drive around instead of having to rely on public transportation while I was visiting with my newest grandchild.

Q: What else sold you on CarHopper?

A: Oh, so many things! CarHopper offers incredible choices, amazing consideration when things don’t go according to plan, and plenty of attention to the people who choose to use their services. And did I mention, the car rental cost was completely comparable, if not even better, to pricing at standard car rental companies? How can you beat it? I was probably most impressed when your CEO Bora Hamamcioglu reached out to me after the completion of my rental asking for feedback, this tells me about the DNA of the brand and the vision of the company. I often think about the visionaries of our time who have changed our world and it’s clear there’s one common thread: they all love what they do and base their success on their customer’s satisfaction. Financial success is an outcome, but customer experience and ease are the reasons behind success. With such amazing customer care, CarHopper is clearly getting it right.

Q: Do you think you would choose to use CarHopper again if you needed a rental car in the future?

A: I crave doing business with companies whose value systems are based on ease, customer experience, and astute attention to every detail. CarHopper brings good old-fashioned “small town caring” and marries this caring to the tremendous technology that makes me feel hope and joy. Yes, “Joy!” I very much look forward to repeating the rental process with you in Miami and Las Vegas, two cities I often travel to for both business and pleasure. CarHopper is deserving of many thanks and my sincere congratulations for truly disrupting the inefficient, stale, and unbelievably below average industry of car rental.

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Satisfied customers like Lori Shabtai are choosing to use CarHopper’s services every day. Lori is a student of convenience, looking for ways to maximize her time and minimize her effort while transforming her experience into something incredible, and CarHopper was able to provide that for her. If you, like Lori, would like to enjoy a true luxury rental experience that goes beyond the car and into the incredible customer service you need to make your trip more pleasant, contact us today to learn how we can help!