Best road trip destinations from Las Vegas

There most definitely is something to be said for the lure of the open road! From Las Vegas, the possibilities are only limited by your interests.  Are you seeking a day or two for exploring the beauty and wonders of one of our National Parks, longing for the sound of the ocean, or hoping for a unique desert experience? Why would you take a plane or a train when you could take a Bentley? Be it a sedan, a convertible, or an SUV, taking a luxury car will get you to your destination in comfort and high style.  What’s stopping you? Download a jazzy road trip playlist, get some quality travel apps for your smartphone, gas up, and go on a Las Vegas road trip!

Lake Havasu, Arizona

The reservoir sits on the border between Arizona and California and is about a 2 and a half hour drive from Las Vegas. Check out the interesting architecture of the “London Bridge”. Constructed in 1830 over the Thames River in London, the bridge has a fascinating history. Dismantled in 1967 and painstakingly rebuilt, brick by brick, it officially became a Lake Havasu City landmark on October 10, 1971.

Relax, rent a boat (or maybe a yacht) for a day, or golf to your heart’s content. Live the good life.  Since we know you love cars, plan this trip between October 17-21 to visit the Relics & Rods Car Club’s 41st Annual Run to the Sun Car Show. Last year’s event boasted over 750 classic vehicles.

San Diego, California

pacific coast highway in san diego

A five-hour drive gives you spectacular ocean vistas as well as a world-famous zoo for the perfect Las Vegas road trip. San Diego is an upscale modern city flush (Vegas pun intended) with museums, galleries, and art exhibits. No matter when you go, you will almost certainly find a festival or concert.

Since you are traveling for pleasure, check out the luxury Pendry Hotel. The downtown area is the perfect spot to enjoy some local culture and posh eateries.

Traveling on Interstate 5, take the Old Town Avenue exit to explore California’s first settlement. Established in 1769, Old Town is the place for outstanding Mexican food.

It is always whale watching time in San Diego. Explore the 70 miles of coastline and have a first-hand look at the gentle giants. Blue whales migrate in summer and fall, while grey whales move in spring and fall.

Death Valley, California

Why would you want to drive well over two hours to the hottest, driest, desert in North America during your Las Vegas road trip?  Because driving anywhere in a luxury classic model car is super fun and enjoyable. Do it so that you can say,”been there, done that”, then move on.

Los Angeles, California

The quintessential road trip is Las Vegas to Los Angeles. If you don’t make too many stops you can make it in slightly more than four hours. But, don’t! Take your time! Take a few days and thoroughly enjoy all the beauty and fun along the way. Ah! Life on the open road.

Gambling in Los Angeles

Don’t feign indignance, but we would venture to say that gambling is in your blood. Make it a point to stop in Primm to buy a Powerball ticket or two. Why? Because Nevada has no state lottery, so you can’t get one here. You might get lucky. Recently one of the winning Mega Millions tickets was sold there. There is a convenience store, conveniently located, just over the California border.

Palm Springs

Palm Sis right on the way. Don’t pass by this playground of the rich and famous. Well worth the cost, L’Horizon is an adult only resort and spa.  It is not always about the journey. Quite often the best part of a road trip is who you are traveling with. So, treat yourself and whomever you are traveling with (No judgments here, we know the adage “what happens in Vegas…”) to a modicum of decadence before taking on the final one hundred or so miles to Los Angeles.


The Cabazon Dinosaurs, an iconic road trip attraction, is a quick must-see, then on to the many attractions that the L.A. area has to offer.

Attractions in Los Angeles

L.A. is a large metropolis bursting with trendy clubs, incredible food, and world-class shopping. Soak up all the ambiance of the nightlife before resuming your adventure.

aerial view of los angeles

Don’t miss anything along the way. Roadtrippers is an awesome site that does all of the legwork for you. Fill in a few blanks and instantly view all of the attractions, points of interest, monuments, historic sites, and fine restaurants along the route.

Everybody is a kid at heart when visiting Universal Studios. Splurge a little and opt for the VIP experience. Take a behind the scenes tour of actual movie and TV sound stages and enjoy access to the VIP lounge and some gourmet dining. Along with escorted tours, you have the luxury of valet parking.

Have a Safe Las Vegas Road Trip With CarHopper

A road trip is one of the most memorable ways to travel anywhere. No matter the destination, safety is always the most important part of your journey.

  • Seatbelt use is mandatory in every state.
  • Be proactive; be a defensive driver and obey speed limits.
  • Don’t wait until you are almost empty to look for a gas station. Smartphone apps like Gas Guru can help you locate stations on unfamiliar roads.
  • Always carry an up to date road map. Do not rely solely on GPS.
  • Be familiar the laws (by state) concerning cell phone use while driving.

When you feel the need to get away from the neon and concrete of the strip for a few days with a Las Vegas road trip, don’t leave the glitz and glamour behind.  Rent a luxury car and take it with you. Let us help you have an unforgettable drive. A Starbucks survey tells us that 92  percent of us really love road trips. According to the poll, the thing we enjoy the most is the scenery. We agree – go “see the USA in a Chevrolet”… but make it a Corvette.