June 2017 Car of the Month: Rolls Royce Dawn

The Rolls Royce Dawn is CarHopper’s Car of the Month for June. The Dawn is an exotic car rental worthy of serious consideration. As Rolls aptly asserts, the drop-head coupe “reinvigorates body and soul.” It was first introduced for the 2016 model year as an able companion to the Rolls Royce Wraith.

The Dawn’s aesthetics and advanced technology blend wondrously in a well-conceived meticulously finished automotive triumph. The stately convertible is simultaneously beautiful, powerful and graceful. The Dawn is a Rolls Royce cast in a new light.

Given all of its curvaceous swoops, it is not surprising that many reviewers agree that this is the sexiest Rolls Royce of all. Even the distinct sound of raindrops on the six-layer convertible top only add to this elegant vehicle’s sensuous sensibilities.

Early Inspiration

The original inspiration for today’s Rolls Royce Dawn appeared six decades ago when Rolls Royce created 760 Silver Dawn luxury cars over a half-decade. At the time, the convertible version was a real rarity. According to Car and Driver, only 28 of the coach-built convertibles bearing the Silver Dawn moniker ever rolled out of Crewe Works, the iconic Rolls Royce manufacturing facility.

Dawn Arrives

Now, the ultra-luxury carmaker pays homage to the classic Silver Dawn with a decidedly 21st Century creation that drops the adjective. Today it is theDawn, plain and simple.

The first teaser images of this new design surfaced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September of 2015. Soon thereafter, Motor Trend and Car and Driver treated the Rolls Royce Dawn to very positive reviews. Even Forbes magazine deemed the Dawn worthy of acclaim.

Prodigious Twin-turbo V-12 Power

The twin-turbocharged V-12 can catapult this 5,644-lb masterpiece from zero to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. The Rolls Royce Dawn can tackle the quarter-mile sprint in 12.8 seconds at 114 mph. Not bad for an ultra-luxurious vehicle that weighs almost three tons.

Its 563 horses can propel the Dawn to a daunting 155 mph at 5250 rpm – not that such speeds are necessarily recommended with the top down! Those twin turbos kick up a great deal of torque as well – 575 lb-ft at 1500 rpm. The mighty powerplant is mated to a ZF 8-speed transmission whose shift points are optimized by GPS – sophisticated stuff! When it is time to reign in all that power, massive brakes with 14-inch rotors bring it all to a quick stop from 70 mph in just 162 feet.

Precision handling is the expectation with a Rolls, and the Dawn does not disappoint. The double wishbone front suspension with air springs and multi-link rear suspension are perfectly tuned to balance high-speed freeway runs with hard-cornering on-ramp descents. Four-corner auto-leveling improves the ride even more. The Dawn’s large 20-inch tires will grip roads winding along soaring cliffs with remarkable aplomb.

Elegant Interior with Surround Sound

Enter the vehicle through the reverse-opening “coach” doors, and you will experience a sensation at once stimulating and tactile, with soft, supple leather, book-matched wood veneers, and precision-tooled aluminum all residing in a perfect embrace. Rolls describes the remarkable leather as the “world’s finest,” and who’s to argue?

Naturally, the Rolls Royce Dawn features first-rate electronics and audio. The 10.3-inch LED screen is remarkably intuitive. There’s the convenience of real-time traffic display along with wireless streaming and phone connectivity. Audiophiles will revel in the Rolls Royce Bespoke Audio, featuring surround sound technology, 16 speakers and two exciters in the headliner. Music is automatically adjusted in response to ambient sounds around the car to maintain a theater-quality audio experience.

The Dawn is a true four-seat coupe which offers every occupant a truly comfortable and immersive experience. As Rolls Royce proclaims, “this is an exceptional space perfectly tailored for unforgettable shared experiences.”

Pride in craftsmanship is synonymous with Rolls Royce, and evidence that pride is conveyed in the words etched on a metal badge on the inside of the doors – “Hand Built in Goodwood, England.”

Quick Transition to Open Air Exhilaration

Cruise along Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco with the six-layer fabric top unfurled. During the 22 seconds, the top is retracting, nary a sound is detected – a “silent ballet,” as Rolls describes it. The finely finished French seams are barely detected by even the most curious occupant.

Indeed, the traditional term “ragtop” seems distinctly out of place in the luxurious space inhabited by the Rolls Royce Dawn. Another automotive term, “sheet metal,” is utterly inadequate to describe body panels finished with such perfection that they perfectly reflect any light cast upon them – like the light of a new day perhaps.

Whatever your desire, the Dawn will deliver. It is equally capable of adding an exclamation point to an attendance at a Broadway premiere in New York City, a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas or the ultimate romantic interlude in the Hamptons.

Rent CarHopper’s Car of the Month

An enthusiastic buyer will plunk down well in excess of $300,000 for the right to own the Rolls Royce Dawn. As a luxury car rental, it is possible to enjoy this ultra-luxe convertible for only a tiny fraction of the original MSRP. Ironically, the original Silver Dawn drophead from the early fifties now brings approximately the same amount at auction as does this new creation.

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