July 2018 Car of the Month: Mercedes-Maybach S600

Very few cars have the ability to scream luxury, class, and status like the Mercedes-Maybach S600 does so effortlessly. This baby is incredibly fast, has insanely comfortable interiors, and rides like an absolute dream. About the only thing missing from the Maybach is your own personal chauffeur. You see, it’s best known for being a luxury limousine, yet we’re not quite sure how any passenger wouldn’t want to drive this bad boy for themselves. If you’re traveling soon and contemplating a luxury car rental, look no further.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 has certainly earned its way into our July car of the month spot, and you’ll quickly see why.

Upscale Interior

The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is what will really impress you, as it’s dressed up to the nines. The attention to detail is striking, and every inch is coated in real leather, real wood, and real aluminum. Up front, you’ll find it has heated and cooled seats with a massaging function, heated armrest panels, and a driver’s seat which adjusts anyway you’d like it to for the ultimate driving position. Other features include radar cruise control, night-vision, steering assist, active lumbar support while driving, and two LCD screens that are completely customizable to exactly how you want it.

The back seat is very similar to being in a first-class cabin on an executive jet plane. It’s roomy, even for NBA sized legends. LeBron James would have no problem sprawling out and feeling right at home. You know how we mentioned everything in this dream car is real? There is real sheepskin in the back for riding in barefoot bliss. Rear passengers enjoy dual screens, with separate remote controls located in the door pockets. There’s also a chiller box large enough for 3 champagne bottles, along with two folding tables which are perfect for a laptop, snacks, or notepads. Gazing out the panoramic moonroof is always relaxing, or you can cuddle up with the soft-leather pillows and take a nap fit for a king. The thick insulation makes it one of the quietest cars on the road so no distractions will occur.

No matter if you’re the driver or passenger, ultimate luxury awaits you.

Mind-Blowing Technology & Safety

Mercedes-Benz Maybach interior

Behind the steering wheel, you’ll find dual 12.3-inch screens which are home to every system’s interface or control function. The screen towards the center of the console has everything from GPS maps, radio stations, vehicle settings, internet/WiFi connections, etc. A night-vision camera displays on the screen for times when you need a crisper view ahead. The night-vision camera also comes with pedestrian detection, which alerts you with a red outline if people are in the car’s path. It’s a helpful feature which tracks their movement until they safely pass.

Another great camera feature is the lane-keeping function. The car monitors the lane and will keep the car centered. If you set the adaptive cruise control setting, the car will literally drive itself for a set amount of time before it requests for your hands to be back on the wheel. This allows for very easy and comfortable highway cruising.

The “magic body control function” monitors the road ahead for upcoming bumps, hard turns, or broken pavement and adjusts itself to what it sees. It works very well and it results in a spectacularly smooth ride. Other safety items include active blind spot assist, cross-traffic alert, pedestrian braking, and adaptive high-beam assist. Many airbags are placed around the cabin for added safety, including inside the seatbelts.

Entertainment and navigation functions are flawlessly easy with the joystick and jog dial, so you can quickly shuffle through all your favorite songs. There’s also a lot of cool little features such as color changing ambient lights and speakers that spin and screw in each time you turn the car off and on. Talk about impressive! No, wait… it’s even better than that.

Pre-Brake System

As you see, safety comes first with theMercedes-Maybach S600. The impressive pre-brake system senses when a car stops suddenly ahead of you or is going very slow in your lane. It pumps the brake pressure so that slowing begins immediately when you most need it. It’s extremely handy in case a car decides to cut you off while you’re traveling at 70 miles per hour on the highway.

Beautiful Sight to Be Seen

mercedes maybach s600 front zoom

The exterior of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is an 18 glorious feet long. Additional floor panels have been added for a roomier backseat, along with a longer roof structure. Mercedes also added a sleek third side window to the passenger sides. The Maybach’s impressive wheels give the car a visually lower to the ground look, making it look like a car from the future.

It’s a sleek, polished, and lavish vehicle that will be sure to turn heads. Can you imagine yourself riding in the driver’s seat? We sure can, and it’s completely possible with our luxury car rental.

Powerful Engine

Despite the “land-yacht” size of the Mercedes-Maybach S600, it’s extremely smooth and fast to drive.

Underneath the hood is an impressive V12 engine, with 6.0 liters’ worth of cylinder capacity plus a pair of turbochargers. This results in 523 horsepower at 5,300 rpm, moving 612 pounds of torque at only 1,900 rpm. The engine is bolted to Mercedes’ 7-speed automatic transmission that pushes power to the rear wheels.

This powerhouse of a car can go from 0-60 in just 5 seconds, ferociously keeping up with the pace of its competitors even with added weight from a roomier interior. The engine is also extremely quiet and one of the smoothest sounding engines in the business.

Rent a Mercedes-Maybach S600Today!

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