January 2018 Car of the Month: Mercedes-Benz G550

Off-road vehicles are not supposed to be this luxurious. The Mercedes-Benz G550 might be based on a 40-year old design that originated in the military, but the flagship of the German car maker’s G class offers much more than that. For its unique combination of all-terrain power and luxury, it’s our CarHopper January Car of the Month.

The Raw Power and Agility of the G Class

As you might expect from this Gelandewagen (meaning ‘terrain car’), the Mercedes-Benz G550’s calling card is raw power. A 4×4 V8 engine roars beneath your feet, and the 416 horsepower can get you anywhere you need to go regardless of the terrain. An off-road vehicle should not accelerate as fast as a sports car, but 5.7 seconds from 0 to 60 is nothing short of impressive.

For all its size, the Mercedes-Benz G550 is surprisingly nimble. Almost 10 inches of ground clearance help the powerful, permanent all-wheel drive to get out of even the hairiest terrains. Meanwhile, 450 pound-feet of torque keep you on track as the engine roars and you enjoy interior luxury. And the benefits don’t end there; as Digital Trends points out,

The G-Class strikes the perfect aesthetic balance: It catches your eye, but it isn’t offensive to look at. And if you’re at all skeptical of the vehicle’s toughness, simply hit the top button on the key fob; the Mercedes-Benz G550’s lock/unlock noise is beautifully tactile and metallic, not unlike a bank vault or a bolt-action sniper rifle. It’s a small detail, but it’s so cool it’s almost worth the price of admission. A great taste of things to come.

And that’s before we even get to the interior.

Surprising Interior Luxury


What do you expect from your luxury car rental? The answer likely differs depending on your purpose, but the G550 has the potential to satisfy them all. On the inside, its box appearance becomes a crucial advantage, offering plenty of head and leg room for the driver and multiple passengers. But why end there?

The first thing you will notice when sitting down is the soft Nappa leather seats, which are both heated and cooled and (of course) adjustable to fit your exact needs. As you get comfortable, you will begin to notice some of the other features that make this car stand out as well.

First things first: what modern luxury car could go without technology? The Mercedes-Benz G550 comes standard with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning you can seemingly integrate your mobile device into your driving experience. Whether you want to listen to music through the 12 powerful speakers or simply need to call your client on your way to a meeting, this integration works seamlessly. It’s as if the two are made for each other!

But wait – it doesn’t end there. The German luxury brand has also integrated its Comand Infotainment System, allowing you to use either navigation features or built-in satellite HD radio for your pleasure. Once you find your way around the system, you will experience a type of connectivity not many other car makers can offer.

Driving Situations Made for the G550

Combine the raw power of the Mercedes-Benz G550 with its interior luxury, and you begin to see just how well it could work for your next trip to Miami, San Francisco, or the Hamptons. This is clearly a car that thrives on long road trips and joy rides. Take it beyond the city roads of Los Angeles and New York City, and it will thank you with its unique mix of agility and power.

Of course, potential uses don’t end there. Especially if you’re more of the understated type, you will probably appreciate the fact that the Mercedes-Benz G550 blends in more than your typical exotic car while still standing out enough to satisfy any need for attention. It’s understated luxury, whether you want to visit your favorite Las Vegas casino or simply look to enjoy a night out in New York City or Los Angeles.

On your way to your favorite road or restaurant, you will begin to appreciate the number of safety features that the Mercedes-Benz G550 has to offer. Essentials like antilock brakes and airbags are enhanced by a rearview camera, blind spot assist system, sensors to help you park better, and electronic stability control while driving. And that’s not all:

Adaptive cruise control—which Mercedes calls it Distronic—comes standard with the Mercedes-Benz G550 and allows the driver to set the speed to his or her liking. Once the velocity is set, a radar sensor tracks the vehicles ahead and adjusts speed automatically to maintain safe distance. When the path is clear, the vehicle will return to its pre-set speed. If the car ahead stops, however, Distronic will do the same. All the driver needs to do to set off again is lightly tap the accelerator.

Renting the G550 as Your Next Luxury Vehicle

Dreaming of driving this car? CarHopper can make that dream a reality.

Dreaming of driving this car? CarHopper can make that dream a reality.

Given all of the features and benefits above, is it any wonder that the Mercedes-Benz G550 is our January Car of the Month? Especially if you want to look beyond your typical exotic car rentals and need a vehicle with more space and power for longer road trips, this is your best option. Feeling the roar of the German-engineered motor beneath you as you listen to your favorite music in a comfortably cooled seat will be well worth the price of admission.

All you need, then, is to find a way to actually take the G550 out for a spin. That’s where CarHopper comes in. We pride ourselves on being different from other luxury car rental services. Our prices are straightforward, with no hidden fees attached that might surprise you upon arriving on the scene. We operate in most of America’s major metropoles and offer VIP customer service with the flexibility you need for your next trip.

Simply browse our website, find the car you need, and start the process from the mobile device. And who knows, maybe the car you find will be January’s Car of the Month? Take it from us: the Mercedes-Benz G550 is definitely worth a closer look.