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Announcing our enhanced luxury and exotic car profiles

You need a luxury car rental for your next business or pleasure trip, but you simply don’t have the time to do all the research you need. Maybe you are looking for specific vehicle features, or perhaps you’re thinking about add-ons that can further enhance your experience. How can you make sure that the exotic car you choose actually gives you what you need?

Too often, the answer is ‘research’. Once you found the available cars in your destination of choice, you begin to find out more through calls, online searches, and more.

But that process takes time; time that many of our customers simply don’t have. That’s why today, we’re proud to announce CarHopper’s newest feature: an enhanced car profile page that gives you all the information you need in one spot. It even allows you to leverage our personalized VIP service right from the page, without any extra steps. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect.

Learning Everything You Need About Your Vehicle

First things first: for any exotic car, whether you rent it for a day or a week, you have to know what you’re getting. Sure, car enthusiasts will know about the differences between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. And even novices will probably be able to tell them apart. But beyond that? Research tends to be necessary.

Do you know how much space you’ll have on the interior? What about the various driving modes, or Bluetooth capabilities? Too often, you have to browse external websites. The rental service only gives you the bare minimum, so you have to do your own research. But that takes time, which many of us don’t have.

That’s where our expanded profiles come in. We know what cars we are renting out, and we want you to know the same. In the interest of full transparency, we are sharing everything you need to know about each vehicle and model in question. That speeds up the process and minimizes effort on your end.

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Understanding Delivery Options the Moment You Book

Of course, the physical specs of a luxury vehicle are only the beginning. Whether you book for yourself or your boss, you also have to know just how you will get to the car (or the car will get to you) when you arrive at your destination. Simply put, you don’t want to organize an Uber to get you through Miami or Los Angeles just because the vehicle is waiting for you at the other end of town.

Once again, our enhanced car profiles help you find what you need. Whether you need your luxury rental delivered straight to your home or hotel or prefer another option, we can deliver – and we tell you exactly how we will deliver before you book it. That way, you can be sure that you won’t encounter any unexpected or unpleasant surprises by the time you’re ready to get behind the wheel.

Building Your Rental Experience Through Add-Ons

Yes, CarHopper’s booking process is straightforward. But that doesn’t mean you cannot add on specialties that enhance your exotic car experience even further. You just have to know what they are.

Of course, these add-ons can take on a wide range of functions. Which are available will depend on the car you choose and your location. That’s why we want to make the process as simple as possible for you. Learn about them right as you pick out your vehicle, so you know exactly what to expect by the time you book.

Naturally, you can choose add-ons for your existing reservation as well. This is just another way in which we increase our transparency by letting you know everything you need right from the start.

The Gateway to Your VIP Concierge, Right on Page

One of the things CarHopper prides itself on is our personalized customer services, where we treat every one of our clients like a VIP. Put simply, that’s because you are. So why should we shy away from that fact as we present our options for luxury vehicles for you on our new enhanced car profiles?

Each of our clients gets a VIP concierge that helps them through the booking process, and who they can come to with any questions, concerns, or booking adjustments. On our enhanced profile pages, you don’t have to wait until you can contact that concierge. Instead, they will act as the gateway to your personal contact, maximizing your customer experience in the process.

A Shortcut to CarHopper’s Biggest Advantages

None of these updates change our core value proposition. We are still the same luxury car rental service, helping our clients get the vehicle of their dreams in any of six major locations across the United States. The enhanced car profiles just make it easier for you to leverage these advantages.

We pride ourselves in our transparent, streamlined rental process. In fact, we’re willing to bet that you won’t find another service that makes booking an exotic vehicle this easy. The new enhanced car profiles are just another step in driving towards that transparency and simplicity. We are here to help you get exactly what you need with minimum effort or wasted time.

The Takeaway: A More Transparent, More Streamlined Luxury Rental Experience

Chances are you have a very specific idea about what you consider a luxury vehicle that actually matches your needs. And of course, your location also matters in finding the right option. Too often, combining the two to find an option takes too long, and can even be stressful. But when you get to that point, why wouldn’t you want to book your car quickly and efficiently?

That’s why we’ve built our enhanced car profiles. After all, the luxury car rental experience should start from the moment you begin your research. From MiamiNew York City, and the Hamptons to Los AngelesSan Francisco, and Las Vegas, our vehicle pages will help you find the perfect vehicle for your destination. To learn more about the process, and to start your journey of renting an exotic car today, contact us.


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