5 luxury and exotic cars to rent in the Hamptons

We’ve officially moved into September, which means that summer will be officially over in just a few short weeks. But for those unwilling to give up on sunny days in exchange for east winds and changing leaves, there is still time for a trip to kiss summer goodbye.

A perfect destination to accomplish that feat is Montauk. Located at the easternmost point of Long Island, it allows any visitor to enjoy the beauty of nature with the luxury of the Hamptons only minutes away.

Of course, visiting the top spots in Montauk and the Hamptons only makes sense if the vehicle you use to get there actually holds up to the style of your trip. Keep reading for some of the most luxurious and exotic spots to visit, along with the top 5 luxury and exotic cars you can rent to cruise Montauk and its surrounding area in the Hamptons before summer ends.

Hamptons Hot Spots You Need to Visit This Year

No visit to the Hamptons in general, and Montauk specifically, would be complete without 3 components: good food, better views, and a feeling of luxury. To take care of the first, a number of restaurants have sought to impress clients with their cuisine.

Our personal favorites among the many available options are the Backyard at Sole East, Scarpetta Beach, and Bay Kitchen Bar. The Backyard is located right in Montauk’s Sole East Hotel, requiring little to no drive. The restaurant serves Brazilian fare, and the fish is prepared expertly. For guests willing to stay a little longer, creative cocktails and good music await.

If you’re in the mood for Italian, you won’t find many spots in the entire NYC Metropolitan area better than Scarpetta Beach. Forget about Spaghetti Marinara; instead, start dreaming about cavatelli with guanciale or striped bass with squash and salmoriglio. Sommelier Corwin Kilvert ensures that the right wine pairing will find its way to your dinner dishes.

Bay Kitchen Bar, meanwhile, specializes above all in local seafood. Unobstructed views of Three Mile Harbor provide some of the best opportunities to view the sunset in all of the Hamptons. Meanwhile, the cuisine has been singled out as one of the best in the entire region by no less than the New York Times.

Of course, good food is far from the only reason that countless luxury travelers visit the Hamptons each year. Shopping is just as important, especially considering some of the exclusive boutiques available through the villages. Our personal favorites are Club Monaco, Cabana, and Copious Row. You can read more about the various available shopping options in this guide.

5 Luxury Cars to Cruise Through Montauk Before the End of Summer

All told, Montauk is the perfect opportunity to not just use as a base for your exploration, eating, and shopping trips through the Hamptons. It’s also great to cruise through the streets, especially if you have the right vehicle for you. For visitors looking for just the right exotic car rental, we have just the right selection of options. Here are just five of the many luxury car rentals you can expect in this location:

1) Lamborghini Huracan

All things told, it’s the most exclusive exotic car we offer our members. Few things are better than lowering the convertible roof and letting a sea breeze flow through your hair as you tame the streets. The street mode makes this car especially drivable in calmer communities like Montauk, without sacrificing the luxury aspect.

2) Ferrari California

Who hasn’t wanted to drive a Ferrari as a child? With California, you finally get the chance. It’s one of the most street-friendly vehicles available in the Italian car maker’s inventory, allowing for an easy ride despite the power of the engine.

3) Bentley Continental GTC

If the Ferrari or Lamborghini are too sporty, we suggest the classy elegance of Bentley’s Continental series. It’s big, it’s wide, and it’s nothing short of luxurious. No other car quite accomplishes the unique combination between royal elegance and high-tech interior.

4) Chevrolet Corvette

Sometimes, it makes sense to go classic. No other American car is as legendary as the Corvette, so why not rent it for a day or two to cruise one of America’s pre-eminent coastlines? The convertible option is especially perfect to celebrate the last few warm days of summer.

5) Cadillac Escalade

Finally, we’d be remiss to finish this list without including an SUV. Traveling with family or multiple individuals doesn’t have to mean that you need to sacrifice in terms of luxury. That much is clear with the Escalade, which features a lavish and spacious interior perfect for a day-long shopping, relaxing, and dining trip.

Of course, plenty of other luxury and exotic cars are available for your consideration as well. Through CarHopper, you will be able to find the right vehicle for both your timing and budget.

The Hamptons are famous around the world for their unique combination of luxurious elegance and laid-back beach atmosphere. Simply put, there is no better way to experience that combination than behind the wheel of one of the above luxury and exotic cars. Feel like a movie star as you cruise through the streets and nature, on your way to the next freshly prepared lobster.

With CarHopper, all of that can become possible – all you have to do is contact us. We offer the most comprehensive and flexible selection of luxury and exotic cars in the Hamptons and would love to work with you on finding a luxury or exotic vehicle that fits your needs. Once you try one of our luxury or exotic cars, you will not want to go back. Be sure to also check us out in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco, or Fort Lauderdale.