A Legendary American Muscle, the 2017 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe

Since its introduction in 1964, Mustang’s storied history has been built on pulse-pounding performance and a simple layout of front engine, rear drive to create the world’s highest selling sports car. Now modernized to offer independent rear suspension and quick, electric steering, this thoroughbred sports coupe offers luxurious touches to go along with a responsive, sporty drive. Available for hire from Carhopper, this Ford Mustang V6 Coupe brings V6 power that is sure to liven up time on the road with the family, book today to reserve this slice of motoring enjoyment.


Drawing inspiration from the 60’s classic fastback, a sloping roof quickly drops into a short trunk to give Mustang its characteristic 2+2 design. The long hood leads up to an aggressive front grille that features the chromed galloping Mustang, and angular headlights are modern and emphasize that this Ford Mustang V6 coupe has come a long way in becoming a modern muscle coupe.


Inside, comfortable seating for 4 is available with supportive cloth bucket seats up front. Appreciated technology such as a backup camera, Ford Sync media system and Apple CarPlay are offered through the center console mounted display and keep all entertained throughout your time on the road. With folding rear seats, the spacious trunk can be expanded further if a road trip or airport run is in the cards.

black ford mustang v6 coupe interior

Next Steps

As the driver, however, your entertainment will come from the road ahead as you pilot this powerful rear-drive coupe and make the most of 300 horsepower. This free-revving V6 is efficient on the highway yet still delivers brisk acceleration and really is more horsepower than is needed for the street. Quick sprints to 60 are capable in less than 6 seconds, and adjustable drive modes offer sporty engine and transmission behaviors for when it is time to have a bit more fun.