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How we maintain our fleet for a great rental experience

You might be surprised how much customer experience matters in the luxury car rental space. Yes, the feeling of driving the latest Cadillac or Rolls Royce is unforgettable. But you can only enjoy it to the fullest if everything in the background is working perfectly smoothly.

Much of that magic happens behind the curtain. As you experience our streamlined rental process, everything is simple. But pull back that curtain, and it gets much more complex.

Much of that work falls on our customer success team. To make each client feel like a VIP, we go through a number of processes specifically designed to take care of you and your needs. We want to help you understand what that means. Potential and current customers deserve a look behind the curtain of CarHopper, and how we keep our fleet ready to ensure a positive experience for you.

1) Ensuring Low Rates

Let’s face it: the luxury and exotic car rental space is limited. Chances are that when you are looking for a vehicle in MiamiNew York, or San Francisco, you will get a selection consisting of anything from Ferrari to Bentley. The main differentiator between each service, at least on its surface, is the price.

You’ll be happy, then, to learn about the work our team does to keep these rates as low as possible. Our website, in a way, acts as a marketplace – creating a competition among various car suppliers in each market. Through that competition, suppliers have to offer a competitive rate just to ensure renters. Typically, that means rates much lower than the standard market price for the luxury vehicle space.

The translation to you, the customer, is easy: when you book through CarHopper, you know that you are getting the best available market rate. You don’t have to artificially create competition by comparing multiple services; instead, we take care of that comparison for you.

2) Behind the Scenes of Pick-Up and Drop-Off Options

One of our most popular rental add-ons is the ability to book either complementary curbside or VIP pick-up. For you, it simplifies things: rather than having to find your luxury car, it can find you. You arrive at the airport, and leave the hotel, knowing that you get exactly what you need, delivered exactly when you need it.

That simplicity results in a number of back-end processes. We verify insurance, credit card information, and take care of the security deposit at the beginning of the reservation. That way, the handoff, when you get the actual vehicle, is as smooth as it possibly can be. You never have to wait or fill out extra paperwork at the point of handoff just to start driving.

view of pick up car about to receive couple walking towards it

3) Verifying Customer Insurance

Car rental insurance on its face is complex enough. For luxury and exotic vehicles, it only gets more complicated. And of course, that makes sense: you don’t want to be left in the red when the unthinkable occurs and your high-rate vehicle needs repairs.

For most rental services, that results in a complex process as you rent your vehicle. To make things worse, the insurance procedure may be entirely different depending on whether you want to rent your dream car in the HamptonsLos Angeles, or Las Vegas. All three, after all, are in different states with varying regulations.

That’s why for us, insurance verification occurs before you even reserve your vehicle. We make sure that everything is taken care of, and no surprise arises by the time you arrive and need to drive. For you, it’s straightforward. We work hard to keep it that way.

4) Vehicle Appearance and Capabilities

We don’t doubt it for a second: when you rent a luxury vehicle, you expect excellence. You’re not spending triple and quadruple digits on a subpar car that looked great in the picture but simply doesn’t hold up to the standard. A dirt-covered Porsche just doesn’t do it.

With CarHopper, you don’t have to worry about that. Of course, we fill up the gas tank before you start driving. The inside of the vehicle will always be shampooed and vacuumed. The exterior undergoes a thorough wash. Before and after every single reservation, we detail the car to make sure you get what you paid for: the best of the best.

5) Maneuvering Potential Curveballs

Life happens. While we strive to provide perfectly seamless customer experience, unexpected circumstances outside of our control can always occur. For us, that’s no reason to give up or simply pass the problems on to you. Instead, we take it as a challenge waiting to be solved.

For example, one of our suppliers might run into unexpected roadblocks. A car you’ve booked for tomorrow might be returned today with significant damage. The time needed for fa ix might take too long to be ready for when you need the car. And still, as you stand at the airport waiting for your ride, that probably sounds like an excuse.

That’s why this is the type of situation in which our customer success team jumps into action. In these unexpected circumstances, CarHopper steps in to advocate for the most seamless customer experience possible. The alternative we find for you will be sure to keep you delighted.

6) Empathy Process and Experience Monitoring

How do we know which of the potential suppliers of luxury rentals actually holds up to our high standards? It’s a valid question, and one worth exploring. CarHopper takes significant steps to make sure that every car you see actually holds its promise, and that you can trust the supplier.

To make sure that happens, we consistently send secret shoppers to our suppliers to experience our service through our customers’ eyes. It’s our way to make sure that they treat all of our customers with white glove service. Experiencing each and every rental as an actual ‘renter’ allows us to not just select the right suppliers, but identify areas of improvement for both the present and the future.

The Seamless Result of Our Efforts Behind the Scenes

Here’s the best part: without this post, you might not even know the efforts we take to keep your customer experience seamless and special. We want it that way. After all, you’re not just renting any car. You’re renting some of the most exclusive, exotic vehicles in the world. So why should your experience be any different?

The time we invest behind the curtain doesn’t just improve your customer experience. It saves you time and makes the entire process effortless. For any questions about our customer experience and satisfaction efforts or the rental process in general, contact us. Then, get ready to book a luxury vehicle for the experience of your lifetime.


Our Customer Experience Manager Rachel Ganon


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