An Exotic Hatchback, the 2019 Ferrari GTC4Lusso


The success of a Ferrari grand touring car starts with the idea that supercar performance should not be limited by conditions, be it weather, road condition or need to bring friends along. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is designed and built with the goal of providing stunning performance in all conditions. With 4 seat arrangement and a convenient hatchback for an overnight bag, real world ease of use abounds in this striking supercar and makes it a compelling choice for track-ready performance that works as well in everyday use.  Renting this Ferrari GTC4Lusso T in Los Angeles provides a smooth, easy to use brush for creating a masterpiece on any canvas.

black ferrari gtc4lusso 2019 side view

True to the daily-drivable behavior that “Lusso” cars are known for, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is sedate enough to rent on business travel in Los Angeles. Delivering a smooth ride and comfortable cabin, the experience is luxurious and refined. Refined, that is, until you flip the drive mode selector on the F1-inspired steering wheel that really brings the GTC4Lusso to life. Unleashing the 3.9 liter twin turbocharged V8, this rear wheel drive supercar quickly becomes wildly fast and wildly engaging to drive on the smooth Southern California tarmac.


Neck snapping acceleration is repeatable and never loses it charm, and with a lightning quick dual clutch transmission delivering snappy shifts the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T rips off 3.5 second blasts to 60 miles per hour. After a long day of meetings and appointments with clients, pure horsepower is the best stress relief and this supercar rental has power in spades with 600 horsepower on tap to keep you energized and engaged throughout your time with the Ferrari.

black ferrari gtc4lusso 2019 engine


Comfortable bucket seats for four and a roomy lift back give the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T usability that few supercars can at no expense to the experience on road. Able to easily transport luggage and passengers at speed, the dual nature of this luxurious supercar make it the perfect choice for those looking to make an impression with each arrival. Beautiful, sweeping styling and plentiful turbocharged power leave you in awe of the refined potential that lurks underneath stunning sheetmetal for a truly exquisite experience. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is available for rent in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and near LAX.

black ferrari gtc4lusso 2019 interior