A Spine Tingling Supercar, the 2017 Ferrari FF

The Journey

The Ferrari FF is the benchmark example of having the daily usability of a “regular” car while producing eye-popping statistics and the spine-tingling performance only a supercar can provide. When rented from Carhopper, you’ll experience mind-altering V12 performance with the usability and practicality of a conventional sports car. In short, this car is made to do it all and delivers on that promise in spades. Able to take 3 passengers with you as you experience dramatic, pulse-quickening performance, this Ferrari FF is the perfect hire car for both a weekend of pleasure or time with clients.

black ferrari ff coupe side view


When you rent this high-end Ferrari, it soon becomes evident that in designing this do-it-all supercar no sacrifices were made in performance. Ferrari has bestowed the Ferrari FF with a front-mounted V12 that harkens to the classic, high-revving character they have built their reputation on. Delivering 651 horsepower through a complex all-wheel-drive system, the Ferrari FF dispatches 60 miles per hour in under 3.7 seconds and with enough room to run will pass 200 miles per hour.  This clever all-wheel-drive system ensures you’ll put power down in all conditions, and by sound alone, the Ferrari FF will identify as luxurious without even setting foot inside.


With a 2+2 configuration and lift back styling, the Ferrari FF delivers unmatched versatility to the luxury supercar class. Able to swallow golf clubs or a mountain bike with ease, this is one supercar rental that is ready for whatever adventures you discover on your travels. Deemed unconventional upon its release, this luxury rental car is now beloved by the automotive press and owners the world around. Handcrafted leather and exotic trims turn the interior into a comfortable cabin for fast on road travel, and front and rear cameras mitigate the anxiety of urban travel.

black ferrari ff coupe interior

A four-wheel weapon that is equally as comfortable on the track as it is filled with luggage on a highway jaunt, rest assured that top-level performance and real-world practicality can be realized in one package. Next time you need to rent a luxury supercar, experience that duality firsthand with the Ferrari FF.