Explore Miami’s hub Brickell in a luxury car

Despite the many exciting places to visit in the Miami, Florida area, and the plethora of activities to take part in, there is sometimes a wish to escape the stress and busyness that permeate this vast city as a desire to preserve your sanity. A Miami getaway can be essential to preserving your mental health!

The perfect countermeasure to all of this chaos is a fabulous Miami getaway from the grips of the city.  In other words, trade your stress for a calming and relaxed change of scenery in the beautiful neighborhood of Brickell!

Located in Greater Downtown Miami, Brickell is South Florida’s primary financial district and is becoming one of the fastest growing metropolises in the United States. It offers visitors a deluge of activities to partake in that many have yet to discover.

The First Step to an Amazing Miami Getaway

So, how does this getaway work?  Well, it is quite simple really.  First and foremost, click off your pen, put down your pencil, shove all paperwork aside, and then take a deep breath.  Second, exhale and pay attention, because this step is enormous and is the catalyst to your weekend sanity transformation:

CarHopper luxury car rental for miami getaway

Pick up the phone and contact CarHopper immediately to reserve an amazing luxury car rental, or if you prefer, a beautiful exotic car rental – either choice will do – and prepare to hit the open road.

Places to Stay in Brickell

By now, you have reserved your dream car, but have you confirmed your sleeping arrangements?  If not, here are a few hotels you might consider living in during your Miami getaway:

  • W Hotel – With seven different room types, a modern and flavorful gourmet restaurant, and a power-rich Nespresso and pastry café, pampering and relaxation are yours for the taking.  So, grab a chaise lounge on the rooftop, order your favorite libation with a light snack, and let the basking begin.  Then, off to the fitness center to work up a good sweat and burn those calories.  Onward from there to the IconBrickell Spa to retreat and detoxify.  Boasting twenty-eight thousand-plus square feet of relaxation and wellness, one visit here and you can call it finished.  The only thing left to do is head to your six-person suite, hit the sheets, exhale, and rest easy.  Tomorrow is another day.
  • JW Marriott – OK, then there is this place… Ah, straight-up luxury!  A presidential suite with a city view and a vice presidential suite with a bay view grace this hotel. Why would you rest anywhere else?  When it comes to dining, three exceptional on-site dining areas vie for your taste buds and serve-up the best of American, International, and British cuisine.  The royal treatment continues with a Paraffin hand treatment, a facial and full body wrap, and perhaps a mani/pedicure to complete the refreshed feeling.  Yes, respire and repeat, the pleasure is almost unbearable but worth every prodigal penny.  So, go ahead, indulge yourself.  I dare you.
  • Hyatt Hotel – Hmm, what to say about the Hyatt? A working hub during the day and a pumped up exciting hang out at night.  With cafes, bars, and a pet-friendly atmosphere, everything you desire exists here.  Even better is the proximity to Miami Beach and Marlins Park, should you want a quiet stroll throughout the day.  An added touch of Art Deco offers guests a visually pleasing atmosphere, and the Cuban-influenced cuisine keeps them coming back time after time.

OK, great.

Now that you have read the fine print, confirmed your sleeping arrangements, and packed your luggage, you are ready to trade the massive crowds and constant traffic of one city for the excitement and cultural adventure of another.

So, load the family and the luggage into your exotic gray 2017 Audi Q7 with Quattro trim, pop in a movie and start rolling.

Places to Dine in Brickell

In the case you choose to dine outside of your hotel, consider these places for a spicy cultural flavor of Miami’s local cuisine:

  • Mexican:
    • 1) For real “south of the border” flair, “Mercado style dining,” and the most extensive taco list you have ever seen, visit Tacology in Brickell City Centre.  Of course, you cannot truly enjoy a meal without consuming one of Tacology’s signature drinks, crafted purposely to immerse you in authentic Mexican culture.
    • 2) Another local favorite is La Lupita, serving up “traditional Mexican flavors with a gourmet twist” like chicken tinga, avocado, and cream fraiche enchiladas.  Alternatively, try the salsa verde and queso fresco wild mushrooms.  No matter your choice, anything you partake in will pamper your palate with a burst of pure Mexican flavor.
  • Italian:
    • 1) Do you have a taste for Italian food?  If so, you would be remiss if you did not set aside an evening to try Casa Tua Cucina.  With a handful of stations serving up fresh pasta, salad, pizza, and charcuterie, you will have several options from which to choose.  However, pace yourself and leave room for the delectable desserts and deliciously brewed coffee calling your name at the coffee station.
    • 2) For a top-notch authentic taste of Italy, seven days a week, for lunch or dinner, visit Cipriani and indulge in a luxury feast of goodness.  Dishes you have never heard of reside here.  Cold and hot plates; appetizers and salads; soups, pasta, and risotto; and finally, the main course.  Reading their menu is like reading a novella with a lengthy list of tantalizing dishes that peak your interest and dazzle your taste buds.  As for dessert, well, you will probably have to order it to go.
  • Steak and More:
    • 1) OK, if you are a meat lover at heart, and prefer to rip into a plate full of delicious top quality steaks, do not leave Brickell without visiting NusrEt.  Known as the “Meatlover’s favorite address,” NusrEt plates up eye-pleasing mouthwatering portions of meats for its customers and garnishes them with a side of Turkish delight.
    • 2) Though, if you skip the opportunity to experience the bliss of NusrEt, no worries, because Capital Grille is not far away.  It is the only restaurant in the country that serves “dry-aged beef” and dry ages in-house.  For an unparalleled dining experience, an “atmosphere of refined sophistication,” and the most delicious, melt in your mouth cuts of beef you ever tasted, you want to visit… no, you need to visit Capital Grille before departing Brickell!

Places to Shop in Brickell

Now the fun begins.  Rev up your striking white automatic 2017 Maserati Levante with hydraulic power steering, black leather interior, and roll.  Where to?  Downtown Miami for a visit to Brickell City Centre for an explosive day of shopping and window browsing.  Anything you need to do, you can do in this 4.9 million-square-foot mixed-use development.  Whether it is work, dining, shopping, living, staying, or playing, Brickell City Centre welcomes you to do it here.

CarHopper luxury car for shopping in Brickell

For an explosively fascinating shopping trip, move your wheels to Mary Brickell Village where sophistication and fun are blended to provide customers with a unique and memorable shopping experience as well as a place to indulge in ultimate dining adventures.

A Little Outdoor Activity Never Hurt Anyone

Of course, you could climb aboard a beautiful boat or yacht rental and sail around the bay viewing local attractions, but that would not bring you close enough to admire the fantastic skyscrapers and luxurious condos that occupy Brickell Bay Drive.  So, why not take time to discover the local attractions on foot?

Stroll down to South Beach and do a little people watching.  Peruse the Design District and admire the sheer beauty of the Art Deco culture.  Traipse Brickell Avenue for a close-up view of all the lavish commercial properties, banks, and restaurants.  Sway your way down Brickell Bay Drive and eyeball the beautiful high-rise condos and vast waters of the bay.  After all, some things are just better viewed up close.  Partake in any of these activities and you will reach your daily step count before you know it.

It’s Coffee Time!

After your daily activities are complete, or you arise from lounging all day in your fabulous hotel suite, cap the end of your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a tasty pastry from Pasion del Cielo.

Perhaps, if you prefer something a bit more exotic, visit Bistro Bakery (formerly known as Bachour) for a scrumptious gourmet dessert that will tantalize your senses and mesmerize your palate.

Even better is a heavenly bite of gourmet Belgian chocolate and a glass of French wine from Atelier Monnier, a delectable French Bakery & Wine Boutique where chocolate, food, and wine pairings rule.  To enhance your experience, let their in-house Sommelier inform and entertain you with a selection of twelve delicious food items paired with six delicious and diverse wine choices, created to delight your taste-buds.

Oh, and just for the record, you do not have to wait until evening to cap your day.  You can visit any of these incredible places when a craving for coffee and sweet treats arise.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Miami Getaway

Helping you get ready for your Miami Getaway is something CarHopper takes pride in doing and is something we do well.  So, contact one of our respective CarHopper offices and let us get started with helping you plan your next luxury Miami getaway.

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