December 2017 Car of the Month: Ferrari FF


The Ferrari FF 2018 is what you seek. You want luxury, but you need function. Prestige matters, but so does the ability to get around the tight streets of Los Angeles, Miami, or New York City. You’ve dreamed about driving a Ferrari your whole life, but the nature of its most iconic sports cars just doesn’t allow for enough space to fit you and your family during your next trip to one of America’s most popular cities. If any of this sounds familiar to you, you will love our December car of the month.

When Ferrari releases a new car, the world listens. When that car disrupts and elevates its own standards, it’s time for you to do the same. The Ferrari FF 2018 is in a world of its own, combining the power and elegance of the legendary Italian car maker with the luxury and comfort of a more understated alternative. It’s the rare combination of ‘regular’ and ‘exotic’ that you won’t find anywhere else.

External Power and Style

You cannot start an article related to Ferrari without discussing its legendary power. Few things compare to the sound of the car roaring as its engine sets in motion a series events that ends with you enjoying every second of the road. The same is true for the Ferrari FF, which, despite its more understated appearance, offers every bit of power that its more famous counterparts showcase as well.

More specifically, a V12 engine sits behind the front axle to supply about 700 horsepower to the wheels that will make your world go ’round. Here’s what these rather technical features mean to you: 0 to 60 in just over 3 seconds, with a top speed at just around 210 miles per hour.

While you might not need that type of top speed in the Hamptons or San Francisco, it’s still good to know that the Ferrari FF gives you the power you need for a joy ride at any point while you’re sitting behind the wheel.

As mentioned above, the style of the exterior is closer to its BMW and Porsche counterparts than the typical Ferrari look. It’s sleek without being overwhelming. As such, it functions equally well for a nightly trip to your favorite Las Vegas casino as it does for a ride to Miami Beach for your family. In fact, it’s this type of versatility that makes the 2018 Ferrari FF so special. As Car and Driver puts it, it’s the “world’s fastest grocery-getter.”

Internal Luxury and Comfort

On the inside, you get four seats. Choose between leather or fine fabric to make sure you are in comfort. Naturally, due to the sleek design of the Ferrari FF, the back two seats are best for children or storage. Still, this coupe offers plenty of space for anyone looking for a truly luxurious experience on the road. Access the back through electronic movement of the front seats. Once you’re in, you have plenty of head and leg room to work with.

The simple yet luxurious interior of the Ferrari FF. The simple yet luxurious interior of the Ferrari FF.

The driver and passenger seats of this vehicle are second to none. Take a seat and it feels like you’re sitting on the road, right above the engine – but without the inconveniences that come with that. You will feel every twist and turns while still feeling secure in the interior of one of the most famous car makers in the world.

A lack of countless buttons and displays further adds to that feeling. Rather than feeling like you’re commanding a spaceship, Ferrari has gone with the simple luxury of the most important features. That doesn’t mean, of course, you have to sacrifice style; a large touchscreen helps you keep your navigational skills ready to go as needed.

On the outside, it’s sleek and modern. On the inside, the powerful engine only serves to accent the feeling that when driving the 2018 FF model, you have the privileges of one of the most luxurious vehicles available on the market today. Combine both, and you get the perfect vehicle to tour your favorite American cities.

Additional Features to Wet Your Appetite

As if the power and luxury of the Ferrari FF 2018 weren’t enough, this vehicle also boasts a number of additional features sure to make any driver blush and exclaim their excitement. Audio connectivity with your favorite Bluetooth-enabled mobile device is only the beginning. There’s also a sunroof that allows you to take in the sun of Florida or California and a parking aid to ensure you fit into tight spots during your Las Vegas or San Francisco visit.

Looking for more? The previously-mentioned touchscreen allows for total control of the vehicle. Meanwhile, first-in-class safety features ensure that even as you hit the gas pedal, you and anyone riding with you remains safe and secure behind the wheel.

In short, the Ferrari FF 2018  keeps its promise of being the one car that combined exotic speed and power with the elegant luxury of other classes. Through its various features, it ensures that every second behind the wheel is as much a joy as it is a way to get to your destination.

The Benefits of the Ferrari FF 2018 as a Luxury Car Rental

All of the above may matter little if you shy away from the $300,000+ sticker tag that the 2018 Ferrari FF comes with. Especially if you’re only in town for a short visit, or don’t drive on a regular basis, that price may simply be too much to swallow. Which is why we offer an alternative: taking advantage of the comfort, luxury, and power of this exceptional car through a luxury car rental service.

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