December 2018 Car of the Month on CarHopper: Ferrari Portofino

Some luxury car brands have built up a reputation for producing only the best machines in the world. And then, every now and again, one of them comes along to blow away even those expectations. When that happens, we shouldn’t be shocked when the car comes from Italy.

For your next exotic car rental, consider raw power. Consider the jealous eyes of onlookers in Miami or Beverly Hills, Los Angeles as you drive by in a once-in-a-lifetime model. Consider our CarHopper December 2018 Car of the Month, the 2019 Ferrari Portofino.

First Impressions

You get the Ferrari elegance from the moment you see it. The high-end nature of the finishes meshes perfectly with the trademark, sleek lines that we’ve come to expect from the teams that brought us the legendary Scuderia race cars.

At second glance, familiarity: this is the Italian carmaker’s follow-up to the California, long the best-selling consumer car from Ferrari. And yet, despite the familiarity, there are some significant differences. We’ll let Car and Driver take it from here:

Despite being only 0.1 inch lower, 1.1 inches wider, and 0.7 inch longer, the Portofino’s look is light-years beyond the California’s tall, narrow, and somewhat doughy appearance. A pair of fairings trail off of each rear-seat headrest into the trunk lid to break up the panel’s visual heft, and when the roof is raised, those spears gracefully carry the greenhouse’s profile all the way to the Portofino’s tail. The grille’s upturned edges form a confident smirk suggesting that if the California was the Ferrari you might text “U up?” in a late-night bid for a good time, the Portofino knows it’s pretty enough to be the one you wanted to take home in the first place.

And of course, the roof comes off. Whether you prefer the convertible lifestyle in downtown Las Vegas or need more of a coupe for rainy weather in the Hamptons, you can make quick adjustments. Of course, the car looks just as natural regardless of which option you choose for a given ride. The lowering/raising time of just under 15 seconds make for an easy and seamless transition once those raindrops start to fall.

The Power of Ferrari, 2019

This is an entry-level Ferrari, not quite to the level of its highest-powered brethren. But don’t let that confuse you. We’re talking about one of the most legendary auto brands, after all. For the Portofino, that means a twin-turbo V8 engine with 591 horsepower, capable of powering you from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds and from 0 to 124 mph in just over 10 seconds. The car tops out at a lush 198 miles per hour.

In its review, Bloomberg Business News was especially amazed how that powerful engine translates to the handling of the car:

Body control in the Portofino is exceptional, especially considering it’s a physics-challenging, grand tourer 2+2 hardtop convertible. (Physics-challenging because it’s always weird when you take a great car and lop off the top.) It’s far sharper and more balanced in handling than the California T and so quiet in the cabin that it’s easy to forget the top can drop. Most people I had around the car during the week I tested it didn’t realize it was a convertible until I put down the roof.

At top speed, you start to notice some of the limits that come with that type of power in an entry-level model. But who’s about to drive almost 200 mph in a San Francisco side street, anyways? In most normal driving conditions, the handling is superb and certainly above most of its exotic car counterparts.

Interior Luxury

Step into the Portofino, and the unique Ferrari experience continues to its fullest. The backseat might be small, but it is surprisingly usable for a sports car this size. If you don’t need it, fold it back for extra storage space.

In terms of design, understated wins the day. No carbon or chrome finish will put a blight on the elegance of this right. Instead, expect black leather with Ferrari-red stitching. You never forget the type of car you’re driving at any point.

That finish is only the window dressing for a comprehensive, luxurious experience. The air conditioning is quiet, but surprisingly effective. Meanwhile, a 10.2 (iPad-sized) touch screen offers navigational help, voice input, and smartphone connectivity.

interior of the ferrari portofino

The Draw of the Brand

In the Ferrari Portofino, you know at all times what type of auto you’re driving. And let’s be honest: so do the onlookers. There is something unique about the deep roar of the engine as you accelerate off a red light in New York City or an open road in Nevada. Perhaps the Portofino’s biggest achievement is bringing that same type of experience to a more affordable level.

In other words, the brand is strong with this one. From the moment you book it to the second you step foot on the gas, you’re getting the full experience. That Ferrari accomplished that feat for the low price of $215,000 ($1,800 per day on CarHopper) is nothing short of impressive.

Renting Your Portofino Through CarHopper

All of the above, from the powerful engine to the luxurious exterior and the Ferrari brand, make the Portofino the perfect car for someone just looking to rent a luxury experience for the first time as well as the experienced exotic car connoisseur. The only question remaining, of course, is how you can get to that point.

Here, CarHopper can help. Our VIP service allows you to book the Portofino in all available locations, with the simple click of a button. From the moment you make the booking to the time you return the keys, we help you through the process to make it as simple as possible. We even offer optional hotel pickup and dropoff as needed.

All you need to do is browse our website for the right fit. Whether that’s the Portofino or another luxury option is up to you. Contact us with any questions you might have about the process.