What are our customers saying about us? Here are our testimonials

You need a luxury car, either for yourself or for a business trip you’re booking for your boss. You start with the type of vehicle they need and their destination and quickly find a number of luxury car rental places. But now, you face a significant challenge: which of them actually makes sense for your situation?

You’re not alone. Third-party opinions matter at least as much. Especially previous and current customers can tell you quite a bit more about the service you’re about to engage with than the company’s own promotional pages.

That is why in this article, we pull back the curtain. We proud of our service, selection, and simplicity. But chances are you already know that. The key is that our customers agree.

Why We Chose TrustPilot for our Trusted Review Site

Many businesses feature customer reviews on their own website. Others prefer dedicated alternatives, such as the Better Business Bureau. We’ve gone with TrustPilot. Why? The reasons are plentiful.

First, the site is independent. We have no influence over reviews posted here, which means you know each opinion will be authentic. Because the site doesn’t require a subscription and is extremely easy to use, it’s easy for any customer to leave a review – no matter how brutally honest.

Finally, we love that on TrustPilot, the review is only the starting point of collaboration. Many of our customers come back for future car hires. Through the site, we know what they liked and didn’t like, and can enhance it next time to improve their experience even further. That’s why each of the below reviews means so much to us, and are so valuable for you to know.

young woman trying out new luxury car at a dealership

10 Reasons Why Our Customers Love CarHopper

Greg Martinez – Flexibility

I loved carhopper’s flexibility. My plane landed 1 hour late and they stayed open 1 hour passed the end of their business day to fulfill the booking.

Lisa Baldwin – Personalized Service

Rachel was fabulous and extremely friendly; most of all she made the process seamless and easy for my boss to get a really nice car in a pinch… We will always use Carhopper going forward!

Jean Paul Irastorza – Best Prices

I was shopping around deals around Las Vegas and came across CarHopper. Another company had a better price on the vehicle. I asked them if they could match the price on the GTR and they did. No surprise out of pocket expenses. Highly recommended.

Michael Taylor – Going Above and Beyond

This was a very smooth and professional experience. I’ve rented many cars from many service providers and I must say none have been as effortless as working with car hopper. Everything happened as promised and to top it off I even got a nice snazzy pair of socks in the mail as a token of appreciation from them for my business. I would leave 10 stars if I could.

Gonzalo – Easy Rental Process

Booking with CarHopper has been one of the easiest things! I just chose my city and dates, picked the car I wanted and my reservation was confirmed seconds later. Would definitely use them again for my next rental.

Michael Wies – Exceeding Expectations

Rent a car for a week. It was a very good experience overall. Pricing was competitive to start with, and pick up was smooth. The car was ready on time, clean, and low mileage. Checkout was also quick. No bad surprise or hidden fees. I’ll repeat for sure wherever available!

Scott Becksvoort – Unforgettable Memories

I was absolutely floored with the entire experience! This was my first “exotic” rental, and my first time in Vegas. Having the opportunity to take my girlfriend down to Red Rocks in a BEAUTIFUL all white Stingray Corvette was unforgettable. Driving up and down the strip with the hard top off is etched into my memory!! For the first time in my life someone complimented “my” car and I had to tell them it wasn’t mine!!! Sean was AMAZING. Seriously. I could not have asked for a better guy to deal with on the whole experience. He went over EVERYTHING on that car with me from the driving modes to the heated and air conditioned seats! He even helped me remove the top!! If I didn’t know any better I would have thought it was his car! 110% Recommend to all my friends/family.

Sasha Kayal and Sofia – Great Selection

Great selection of cars for great prices. No surprises!!

What I love about renting with them the most is the fact they have new and rare cars. Not cars from 2000.

Natalia Y – Trustworthy Partners

It’s difficult to know which company to trust. When I found CarHopper it looked trustworthy and was extremely reliable in delivering exactly what I wanted. Will definitely be using it again.

Alan Guichard – Reliable Inventory

Carhopper has a great selection of luxury vehicles and I found the entire process to be seamless. I’ve had issues in the past with booking a luxury car only to find out it wasn’t available. Nice job!

Are You Ready to Experience Disruption in the Luxury Car Industry?

The good news: none of these reviews exists in isolation. For each of them, there are others echoing the same sentiments. From business customers who rent a luxury car each time they travel, to joyriders just wanting to mark driving a Ferrari into the Miami sunset off their bucket list, each of them has had their say.

Together, they form a comprehensive picture of just why customers love CarHopper, and why TrustPilot has ranked us as “excellent” with an average rating of five stars. Whether you’re looking for a coupe or a convertible, an SUV or a sedan, you can find the right exotic car for your needs. The best part: you know you’re getting the best price, superior service, and an excellent selection.

That’s because CarHopper is not just any car hire service. From Los AngelesSan Francisco and Las Vegas to MiamiNew York City, and the Hamptons, it’s the exotic car rental designed for luxury customers. Book your dream vehicle for your next trip today, or contact us for more information about the process and our superior customer experience.