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Our Customer Experience Manager Rachel Ganon

Ask CarHopper customers about their favorite part of the luxury car rental experience, and the answer is obvious. Of course, it’s the ride underneath them that makes for an unforgettable time. The second most popular answer, though, might surprise you. And yet, it’s there for a specific reason.

When they rent their exotic vehicles through CarHopper, customers tend to come back to a simple truth. They love how they’re being treated. The level of service, personalized attention, and flexibility make for a unique customer experience that our competitors simply cannot match. And here’s a secret; that process happens for a reason.

That reason, more often than not, carries a name: Rachel Ganon. As our customer experience manager and dedicated customer advocate, her goal is to ensure the success of all our clients. She might not wear a cape, but once you start reading the reviews, one thing is clear. Within the world of CarHopper and exotic car rental services in general, Rachel is a superhero.

You know her if she’s helped you navigate an unexpected situation or even change your booking. Now, it’s time to pull back the curtain. Behind this customer-advocate is a person who might just be the perfect fit to help with a successful rental.

The Background

Naturally, you want a customer-advocate to come into the community knowing as much as possible about making sure clients are happy. It’s no surprise, then, that Rachel is the perfect fit for the role. Her background in customer experience is extensive.

Before joining CarHopper, she occupied both business-to-consumer and businesses-to-business roles at Apple, where she was responsible for monitoring customer evaluation scores. At one of the world’s largest corporations, she was so successful that as part of her work, she received the “Expert Technical Certification”. While there, Rachel interfaced with multiple internal and external teams in a customer advocate role responsible for deploying complete solutions.

In her time at both Apple and CarHopper, Rachel has honed her skills in process management, communication, and attention to detail. She remains as results-driven and action-oriented today as she was to start her career.

The Hobbies

Any luxury car fan and enthusiast knows that what matters is the complete package. Yes, the look of the car and roar of the engine are important. But they mean little if the seat isn’t comfortable or the vehicle breaks down frequently.

Not that we would compare Rachel to a car. She’s far more than that. Still, it’s important to understand that as you interact with her as part of our VIP customer service, you know the person behind the phone or keyboard. She enjoys listening to class rock (especially Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young). In her time away from the desk, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and paragliding.

The Luxury Car Enthusiasm

You cannot survive at CarHopper for long if you don’t live and breathe luxury vehicles. It’s not just our business model, but our passion. No surprise, then, that Rachel fits right in.

Her enthusiasm for traveling, it turns out, is not limited to hiking or other adventures on foot and in the air. Car preferences include the Mercedes G63 AMG and the Acura NSX, which just happen to make up the perfect mix of adventure off-roading and luxury speed on the road.

Talk to Rachel, and you’ll find an expert in the field. From recommendations to the nuances of each vehicle rented, you know you’re in good hands in finding your dream car for your next trip.

The Local and National Expertise

Given that you can get a CarHopper luxury vehicle in six United States locations, you need a customer experience and success expert who knows as much (if not more) about the area as you do. After all, your business or pleasure trip may go into uncharted territory. How do you know whether a Porsche or Bentley is the perfect fit?

Rachel brings that focus and expertise to every customer interaction. Originally from Palm Beach, Florida, Miami is basically her backyard. And yet, she knows just as much about San Francisco or Los Angeles; in fact, Big Sur in California is her favorite destination. Naturally, New York Citythe Hamptons, and Las Vegas also fall within her realm of expertise.

The Raison D’être

All that expertise and we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Rachel has a firm reason for working at CarHopper. Here’s what she told us when we asked her what it means to her:

I love the feeling of having an impact on our customers’ most important memories and contributing to their happiness when they look back fondly on “that time they rented XYZ car”. There are many reasons why a customer travels and needs one of our vehicles. I consider my impact a success when a customer enjoys the destination they are traveling to and falls in love with the car and overall experience.

In other words, she knows the impact her interactions have on her customers. Maximizing that impact is her raison d’être, and a major reason why we wanted to highlight her in the first place.

The Community Focus

Within the luxury car rental space, the key to success is not getting as many sales as possible. We want to make sure that you don’t just rent from us, but are so satisfied that you cannot help to come back next time. Over time, that builds a community of exotic car lovers that are much closer to us than the typical customer-business relationship. Here’s what Rachel has to say about that topic:

A successful community is built on trust which is why I don’t like to align myself with sales, but with customer success advocacy. Working with car enthusiasts within my community I have the unique ability to learn about our community’s expectations and continuously evolve my approach to tailor the experience to their needs.

Young business person gettig new vehicle getting keys

The CarHopper Advantage

Why do we want to feature Rachel, other than the fact that she truly is a hero without a cape? Because in many ways, she represents what makes CarHopper so different from other luxury car rental experiences. Caring for our customers and their satisfaction is core to our entire business model, which is why you receive the type of VIP treatment that you deserve.

As soon as you book your reservation, you will be matched with Rachel or one of our other customer experience and success concierges. They’ll be able to answer any questions and solve any problems, as soon as they arise. Contact us for more information, and to start talking about the transformative experience of renting a luxury vehicle.


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