Rent a luxury or exotic car on Columbus Day

Columbus Day has many critics, but it’s still one of the holidays many look forward to for luxurious and exclusive events taking place in major cities. In Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and the Hamptons, you’ll find numerous traditional Columbus Day events that still attract throngs of people each year.

Some of these activities may entail having to travel some distance, especially since some of them occur in more than one place.

So have you thought about how you want to travel to these exclusive events? Rather than buy an expensive luxury car to get there, it’s possible to rent one through our services at CarHopper.

Take a look at some upcoming Columbus Day events to drive to.

Miami’s Columbus Day Regatta and Partying Scene

What goes perfect with luxury sailing? A luxury car from CarHopper. What goes perfect with luxury sailing? A luxury car from CarHopper.

For generations, Miami has put on a great Columbus Day event called the Regatta that involves luxury sailing. It all began as a symbolic way to acknowledge Christopher Columbus’s sea excursions. In fact, a Columbus descendant once visited this event in 1960.

Since those days, it’s become one of the top boating parties in all of Florida. Many liken it to Mardi Gras in the typical level of partying.

The sailing party takes place in Biscayne Bay, but Elliot Key also latched onto this event as a center for an even bigger party. However, the latter isn’t officially connected to Regatta activities.

With an event this large, you’re going to need a good luxury car to arrive in style. Why not show up in a Ferrari California, a car you can rent from us for only $899.10 per day?

Events for Los Angeles’s New Indigenous Peoples Day

Recently, L.A. decided to ditch the name Columbus Day and call it Indigenous Peoples Day as a way to celebrate the native people who lived in North America. Despite this holiday name change, it hasn’t stopped any fun events from going forward in the City of Angels.

For instance, the Revive Musical Festival in L.A. occurs on this holiday weekend and offers the largest paint party in all of Southern California.

You also have the Los Angeles tour of “Hamilton” going on during the same time frame. On the Friday before Indigenous Peoples Day, the “Hamilton” cast have a show to remind people of another important part of American history. It’s being performed at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

Imagine the heads you’ll turn arriving at these events in a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan S, available for rent in Beverly Hills. We can accommodate this for you at $1530 per day.

Columbus Day Activities in Las Vegas

If you’re a seasoned traveler to Vegas, then you know about all the pool parties that take place on Columbus Day weekend. Las Vegas can give you the ultimate in luxury during holiday weekends, and you shouldn’t miss these parties if a first-time visitor.

These usually involve swanky parties and concerts going on in the periphery, giving the very definition of exclusivity. As such, you’ll want to arrive at these events proving you take the luxury of the surroundings seriously.

Why not arrive in a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, a high-end sports car you can rent from us for only $863.14 per day? This is a real steal for a luxury car that’s guaranteed to attract attention, even within the glitz of Vegas.

Columbus Day Activities in San Francisco

Those of you who’ve never visited San Francisco should go on Columbus Day weekend to show how much fun is possible in the bay area. Even if you experience fog, the events being held won’t stop the activities from taking place.

There's nothing like a parade to celebrate the holiday. There’s nothing like a parade to celebrate the holiday.

One of the most traditional is the city’s Columbus Day Parade. It’s an event that’s gone on since 1869, making it one of the oldest parades in the nation.

After the parade ends, you can see a display of Ferrari sports cars in Washington Square, along with entertainment for kids.

Festive open-air dining is everywhere after the parade as well.

Rather than gawk at those displayed Ferrari sports cars, why not arrive at these events in your own luxury sports car? You can drive to the parade in a black Porsche 718 for an amazing $225 per day. We can accommodate this by letting you pick up the car in Union Square not far away from the events.

Columbus Day Events in New York

Any of you who know New York City well know about their famous Columbus Day Parade. It’s pure Americana, complete with exciting events going on throughout Manhattan afterward.

This year, expect up to 35,000 marchers, and up to 1 million people watching the parade along Fifth Avenue. Ultimately, it’s the closest you can come to experiencing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

After the parade ends, you should take in all the luxurious shopping sales going on in Columbus Circle.

To get there, driving a Range Rover HSE is the perfect vehicle to navigate Manhattan. You can rent this through us for only $700.92 per day.

Columbus Day Events in the Hamptons

New York offers even more than the parade in NYC on Columbus Day. The Hamptons is where you can truly experience luxurious and exclusive events, especially if interested in the arts.

With the high-end art scene always thriving here, you’ll want to take in events like the 25th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival. This festival shows the cream of the crop in indie film, and you’ll want to arrive in a good-looking car.

It’s the same with nearby Afro Cuban Jazz Night at Bay Burger in Sag Harbor. Here you have another example in how the Hamptons celebrated music in classy ways.

Drive to these events in a Bentley Continental GRC for only $1576.80 per day. Being a coupe and convertible, you’ll have every attendee eyeing your car as you drive in.

Contact us at CarHopper to see more cars available for rent in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City and the Hamptons on Columbus Day weekend.