4 Reasons CarHopper is the Perfect Solution Executive Assistants

4 Reasons CarHopper is the Perfect Solution for Executive Assistants

Scheduling is among the most common challenges executive assistants face. When scheduling intersects with personal preferences, the challenge only intensifies. Building a travel itinerary for an executive on vacation or business is undoubtedly difficult. Once you have to take time, potential exposure and tastes into the equation, it can be downright problematic.

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Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Booking a hotel is relatively straightforward because of limited options available in the market. Booking a flight follows a similar pattern. Transportation, though, can be more of an issue. The unpredictability of taxi, ridesharing, and limousine services adds to its lack of flexibility to quickly exit the realm of possibilities. A car rental makes more sense, but only if you can find the right service to book the exact vehicle your boss needs, for the right price and the right taste.

That might sound like a challenge, but it all depends on the service you find. In fact, that’s why CarHopper should be your first check as you book travel and transportation means. Consider these 4 reasons for CarHopper as the perfect solution for executive assistants like you.

1) Better Leverage Your Time

Time is of the essence, not just for executives but for their executive assistants as well. You aren’t an ordinary administrative assistant, after all. Your skills qualify you for tasks with significant responsibility, and that responsibility includes both scheduling meetings for your boss and arranging their travel schedule to make the most out of those meetings.

That means you have little time to find the perfect car rental. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily lower the exception. A car that’s not up to standards or doesn’t represent the company well simply won’t do. With CarHopper, you can better leverage your time to minimize waste while still being sure you have the best selection available for every need.

The reason is simple: our service essentially represents an aggregate of all the supply available in a given market. If, for example, you need to schedule a high-profile meeting in Miami, you know that the CarHopper option will show you all available luxury and exotic car rental options at the time of the meeting. Rather than having to search through a number of different services, you can stop right there and start booking the rest of the trip.

2) Find the Lowest Prices Quickly and Conveniently

The aggregation of all the supply in a local market like Los Angeles and New York City also comes with a different advantage. In essence, it means that all providers of luxury car rentals in that area compete against each other. They all seek to have travelers or executive assistants, like you, book their vehicle, not that of their competitors.

That, in turn, leads to potentially drastic price cuts. Our website becomes akin to the marketplace on the luxury end: services seek to get you to rent and they’re willing to lower their prices to do so. As is the case in a perfectly competitive market, the price eventually adjusts itself to the lowest tenable price on behalf of rental services.

Again, you don’t have to cross websites to find that price. Instead, thanks to the aggregate supply, you know you’ll find exactly what you need at the price your company can pay. This added convenience and guaranteed price saver means you can more prudently manage the office’s travel budget.

3) Get the Support You Need for Specific Needs and Changing Schedules

Executive travel is complex for both the travelers and the executive assistants. To save the company time and money, your boss may schedule multiple meetings in multiple cities as part of the same trip. When that happens, you never know whether the planned itinerary and schedule will actually remain in place for the duration of the trip. If it doesn’t, with many travel options, you have little choice but to double-book and incur significant upcharges.

Not with CarHopper. Each of our accounts gets assigned a dedicated account manager who becomes your single point of contact for any questions, concerns, and potential rebooking. You also have access to a 24/7 support team that will be happy to answer any short-notice questions or needs you have, regardless of time or day.

We pride ourself in this VIP customer service solution, which sets us apart from our competition. CarHopper’s account manager system extends not just to the actual traveler, but also to the person booking on their behalf. That means you can conveniently manage their travel, and even change plans on short notice, to make sure their needs are met and their trip goes smoothly.

4) Find a Vehicle that Fits the Travel Style and Purpose

Finally, CarHopper’s extensive vehicle solution is perfect for managers and those who book on their behalf alike. As you may well know, different types of trips will require very different types of cars. An important client, depending on their industry and personality, may be more impressed by a Ferrari than a Bentley. Impressing a potential client requires different nuances than simply servicing a current one.

Add to that the nuances of personal tastes. Clients may make very little difference between Mercedes and BMW. Perhaps the executive whose travel you’re booking thinks differently. Cars are curious that way; even slight differences in the actual design, engine, or technology can make a significant difference if only the brand name and logo are different.

Naturally, you need to accommodate both the preferred travel style and the trip’s purpose at the same time. That’s not always easy. You need a service that accounts for both, offering a selection large enough to offer luxury cars for every need and taste.

Again, that’s where CarHopper comes in. Our vehicle selection in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, and the Hamptons is second to none in the industry. Here, you can browse options, find one that works, or even find multiple options for your supervisor to choose from. Once the choice is made, our convenient and streamlined booking process once again saves you time and money. Contact us today to learn more and to help the executive you’re working for travel in style at one of our seven destinations across the nation.


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