A High Performance Sedan, the 2016 BMW 640i

Low slung and sleek, you’re sure to impress when arriving in the BMW 640i. With a sculpted 4-door design and riveting performance from a turbocharged 6 cylinder, the Ultimate Driving Machine offers sensible performance on the road to match a luxurious ride inside. With four sculpted bucket seats, your passengers will revel in the on road experience as this high performance rental car effortlessly soaks up the miles.


With BMW’s typical inline cylinder arrangement, the BMW 640i maintains sporty handling through optimal balance regardless of its four-door size. Powering this luxurious rental is a turbocharged 3.0 liter inline six, and the motor is velvety smooth through the revs while delivering 335 horsepower through an xDrive all-wheel system. Constantly analyzing grip at all four wheels, this system sends power to each wheel independently for both improved performance at the limit as well as in adverse conditions.


With nicely weighted steering and a thick-gripped M-Sport steering wheel, taking the long way home is preferred as you really get to exploit the sports suspension in linking turns together. Dynamic dampers offer varying suspension weights, and can be transformed to firm and sporty with the press of a button. While happy to provide comfort while waiting in traffic, the BMW 640i is ready and more than willing to stretch its legs on the open road.


Seating for four consists of independent, Dakota leather-wrapped bucket seats that are firm and supportive. A panoramic sunroof stretches the length of the roof bringing natural light inside, and high polish trims are nice to touch and elegantly simple in their styling.

grey bmw 640i interior

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For a harmonious balance between luxury and sport when renting for business or leisure, the BMW 640i has a reputation for class and pace that is reinforced from the moment you first press start on the dashboard. Comfortably at home on the highway and eager to devour backroads, you’re sure to enjoy your time behind the wheel of this luxury sports sedan rental from CarHopper.