Best Road trip destinations from Los Angeles

It seems that everyone either wants to move to Los Angeles, visit Los Angeles, or go back for a return visit. That is, of course, unless you live in Los Angeles! Those aching to get in might be surprised by the number of people wanting to get away.

Don’t be mistaken, Los Angeles residents are happy people who are loyal and proud to call LA home. That doesn’t mean, however, that even those living in the City of Angels don’t appreciate a break. A change of scenery, culture, people, and just something other than what’s just around the corner.

All of that means one thing… road trip!

Best Getaway Towns from Los Angeles

We have taken the liberty and done the homework for you so that your getaway road trip from Los Angeles to points unknown will have some direction. Here are 7 ideal getaways to break the norm, experience something a little different, and hopefully find some fun along the way…


Estimated Road Trip Miles: 300

Time to Destination: 5 hrs 20 min

This is one of the three trips on the list, where the drive is half the fun. These are true “road trip” getaways, and a trip to Monterey is a great way to experience the famed CA Highway 1. When you get there try to find the wharf, where fresh fish and clam chowder will make you think of seafood in a whole new way! If you have time to kill and aren’t quite ready to head back home, you can also find some pretty cool whale-watching tours from the deck of a seaworthy vessel.

San Diego

Estimated Road Trip Miles: 124

Time to Destination:  2 hrs 2 min

San Diego needs little if any fanfare. The zoo, the amusement parks, and the beaches (this is San Diego after all) are amazing!. A reason San Diego makes the list, however, in addition to it being one of several areas within a short drive, is the culture. While Los Angeles offers a hint of the Mexican culture, San Diego lives on the border and the residents there can taste it. From the foods and music to the rich history of our relationship with our southern neighbors, San Diego is a getaway experience.


houses along a malibu beach

Estimated Road Trip Miles: 33

Time to Destination: 1 hr

Speaking of experiences, a trip to Malibu could be just what the doctor ordered if you don’t want to go far but still need to get away. In the case of Malibu, it could feel like another planet away depending on where you go. There’s the infamous Venice beach with the stoner crowds and muscle-bound freaks, or Zuma beach for a feel of that Baywatch life. Come to think of it, Pamela Anderson actually lives near Zuma beach…


Estimated Road Trip Miles: 44

Time to Destination: 1 hr

Think of Newport much like Malibu, minus the “different planet” aspect. Lots to do, close to home, and one article described a road trip to Newport this way…

“When it comes to the West Coast’s most iconic road trips, Newport Beach has always been preeeeeeeeetty far down on the list. Well, today we’re moving it way the hell up the list, because somehow, someway, Newport Beach has quietly become one of LA’s bestnearby road trips.”

Las Vegas

sunset over las vegas skyline

Estimated Road Trip Miles: 270

Time to Destination: 4 hrs 10 min

LA to Las Vegas is the true definition of a road trip. Enough miles between to see a hundred things, but still close enough to drive. From the Calico Ghost Town and the Wild West history to alien sightings, there is seemingly something to fill the trip all the way down I-15. Las Vegas, of course, may need less of an introduction than San Diego. Los Angeles residents have to appreciate having so much to do, and so much of it is only a road trip away.

Palm Springs

Estimated Road Trip Miles: 107

Time to Destination: 1 hr 48 min

Palm Springs may offer the truest definition of “getaway” of all the road trips on the list. With the mountains of sun-baked gold and mid-century architecture, Palm Springs has been long known as that desert oasis far removed from the hustle and bustle of busy Los Angeles. If you are looking for less excitement and ultimate relaxation, Palm Springs may be the trip to take.

Big Sur

Estimated Road Trip Miles: 347

Time to Destination: 5 hrs 43 min

This is the third destination on the list where the drive is half the fun. It’s not as far as the Vegas road trip, yet it offers an experience on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) similar to the Monterey road trip. The trip up to Big Sur is renown as one of the most iconic stretches of coastline anywhere in the world. Carved roads along the cliff-side, redwood masked mountains that seem to plunge into the sea – this is a road trippers dream.

No Place Like Home

It feels good to hop in that shiny ride and hit the highway or maybe rent a convertible and feel the wind of the Pacific against your face as you cruise the PCH. Maybe the only thing that feels better, are those last few miles on your way back. Thoughts of that hot bath after a fun and busy weekend road trip sound absolutely perfect, right?

Remember how it always feels when you see those familiar landmarks or your exit off the highway? It always feels good to get back home. Perhaps that’s why so many of us like road trips – they remind us of how nice home really is and still allow us to run away and play.

Los Angeles is a great place for many reasons. One of those reasons just happens to be that it is a great central hub for road trips that offer a little bit of everything. Take a one day escape to the beach or a drive to that desert oasis for the weekend. The best getaway towns from Los Angeles are only one road trip away!

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