The Best Los Angeles Road Trip to Las Vegas

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a rejuvenating road trip. Fresh air, good company, the open road, and infinite adventures just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime quirky road trip you’ll never forget, Los Angeles to Las Vegas is it! Sure, you could drive from Vegas to LA in about 4.5 hours flat, but a slower route over 2-3 days will take you into the beautiful mountains, endless deserts, and strange but fascinating attractions along the way.

There’s only one thing that could make your road trip even better, and that’s putting yourself in the driver’s seat of a luxury rental car. Imagine cruising down the highway in the car of your dreams with no worries and no stress, just good times and fresh sights. CarHopper can help make this a reality.

We want your next road trip to be as epic as possible, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best stops along the way during your Los Angeles road trip to Las Vegas!

The Donut Man

Once you leave the hustle and Bustle of LA, you’ll start seeing an entirely new side of California. Simple, industrial, and desert land. You’ll see many small towns each with their own unique culture along Route 66. It’s crazy to think all of this is only about an hour away from LA!

Our first stop takes us to The Donut Man, a terrific place to fuel up on a delicious sugar-filled breakfast before you embark on adventures ahead. Make sure to grab a famous strawberry stuffed donut or his peach-stuffed version! If you’re a donut lover, this is a must-stop. We’re drooling thinking about it.

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

Our second stop during our Los Angeles road trip to Las Vegas takes us to Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. It’s on a long stretch of road in Oro Grande. An artist created a really cool “forest” made of old colorful bottles, dolls, broken car parts, typewriters, and more to create this beautiful junkyard space. Trust us, you won’t see anything like this anywhere else! It’s a fun and hidden gem that you’ll be glad you stopped to see. Plus, the photographs you’ll get are priceless!

After leaving, there’s a cool ghost town closeby near Sagebrush Inn. It’s a cool road that looks exactly like it used to in the old wild west. It’s a neat spot to get out and explore for a little while.

Desert Discovery Center

A quick stop at the Desert Discovery Center is next on our list. It’s home to the largest meteorite found in California, also known as “The Old Woman Meteorite”. Think about it, how often are you going to have the chance to see a huge meteorite?

Just 4 minutes down the road is the Western American Railroad Museum. It’s another unique spot where you can see and climb on old railroad cars. Also nearby is the Original Del Taco (1964) if you’d like to grab a yummy bite to eat!

Peggy Sue’s Diner

Our next stop is a California staple on the Los Angeles road trip to Las Vegas! Peggy Sue’s Diner is historic, corny, and a whole lot of tacky, but that’s part of what will help get you in the good old fashioned Vegas spirit! It’s also what makes this place so freaking epic. The jukebox shaped entrance welcomes you as you enter. The building is then divided into two sides, the restaurant/diner on one side and the candy/50’s gifts shop on the other. Peggy Sue’s has all the classic diner food you’d expect to find such as classic curly fries, apple pie, milkshakes, and hamburgers. Yum.

You’ll love the retro candy, great music, tasty ice cream, 50-60’s memorabilia, and strange mannequins scattered around. Outside you’ll find a large garden with metal dinosaurs. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – this place is so fun and unique!

Mojave National Preserve

As the third largest National Park in the United States, the gorgeous Mojave National Preserve deserves a spot on our list. Give yourself some extra time to head south along I-15 S for an hour and a half drive. As you enter Mojave National Preserve you’ll see vast lands of the sun-baked desert, shifting sands, and rugged mountains. It’s also home to lizards, trees, coyotes, and other wildlife! Make sure to check out Kelso Dunes, the Ring Trail hiking loop, and soak in all the incredible views.

picture of CarHopper luxury rental car Ferrari 458

If you wish to spend the night here, it’s a great halfway point on our Los Angeles road trip. There’s plenty of free camping sites that stay open all year round and have toilet facilities. Two noteworthy ones are Hole-in-the-Wall and Mid Hills. The experience is very primitive but can be eye-opening and a very fun adventure to check off your bucket list! Plus, it’s so worth it to catch a breathtaking desert sunrise.

Zzyzx Road

Crazy word right? Well, it only gets crazier as you embark off the exit. Just 4 miles down this narrow road is Camp Soda, a place whose history is so bizarre it feels as if it’s a movie plot. It involves a crazy doctor, fake healing resort, and the federal government. It’s completely open to the public so you can explore and research all you want!

There is also an abandoned waterpark nearby, salt flats, and the abandoned resort. Zzyzx Road is a detour worth taking if you love strange stories and creepy destinations to make your heart pump a little faster.

Town of Baker

As you make your way into the town of Baker, more fun awaits you. You can grab a strawberry milkshake at the Mad Greek Cafe, explore the World’s Largest Thermometer to see the current temps, and finally load up on delicious jerky of your choice at Alien Fresh Jerky!

Seven Magic Mountains

Created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, these colorfully stacked rocks are an impressive 30 feet high. They represent the “creative expression of human presence in the desert.” The Seven Magic Mountains may expire after 2018, so it’s best to see it soon! Coming before noon will also help to avoid touristy crowds. Since it’s only 20 minutes South of Las Vegas, lots of people come to see this magnificent sight!

Just 18 minutes away at Whiskey Pete Casino, you can check out Bonnie and Clyde’s actual death car. You can also view his bloody t-shirt and other interesting documents. It’s a fairly small exhibit but very fascinating to see.

Las Vegas

famous welcome to las vegas sign

Congrats, you’ve made it to Sin City! But this isn’t the grand finale – the fun is just beginning. This crazy fun-filled city is waiting for you to put your own original mark on it. Gamble til your heart’s content, explore 5-star restaurants and hotels, ride roller coasters or gondolas, shop til you drop, catch a concert, take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or explore more history on Freemont Street. There’s so much waiting to be explored in the beautiful city of Las Vegas!

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