A Supercar Powerhouse, the 2018 Audi R8 Spyder V10

Looking for the fastest way to get to the Keys from Miami, all while reveling in top-down fun in the Florida Sun? This luxurious convertible from Carhopper is just the key to take, as V10 power and drop top fun combine to make the Audi R8 Spyder V10 in downtown Miami or Miami Beach a tough rental to get. Taking their famed Quattro all-wheel drive, Audi has managed to harness 532 horsepower that creates an intoxicating symphony of sound. Offering staggering pace and drop top joy in one package, it is easy to see (and feel) why the Audi R8 is a compelling choice for those looking for a little bit more from their next rental car.


From the outside, this luxurious roadster is a rental car ahead of the competition. With the striking single-frame grille surrounded by LED headlamps, heads will turn when you pass in this show of force. Functional side scoops accent the sculpted flanks and channel air into the engine compartment. With the top lowering in just 20 seconds, you can quickly go from quiet comfort to open-air cruising with just the press of a button. When you’re in Miami for a short time dropping the top gives just a bit more exposure to the welcomed Florida sun, just be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses!White Audi R8 convertible 2018 side view


The heart of the Audi R8 Spyder is a handcrafted V10 engine, and with that V10 comes sound and speed that will bring goosebumps. Punishing the tarmac with 532 horsepower, the Audi R8 Spyder V10 thrills with every press of the accelerator. While it is all-wheel drive, torque biasing is designed to emulate the feel of a rear wheel drive car to build confidence and grip in varying conditions. Turn in is quick, and the stiff body contributes to lightning quick reflexes on road.

White Audi R8 spyder convertible 2018 interior

Next Steps

Top up or down, the Audi R8 SpyderV10 is a surefire supercar that is capable and ready to bring spine-tingling performance and rewarding experiences on road. Putting the top down further amplifies the experience, as the open roof lets the wind intermingle with a songlike engine note for a sensory experience few rentals can rival. Limitless possibilities await when you hire this Audi R8 with Carhopper in Ft. Lauderdale when you take the keys and drop the top on this V10 powerhouse.