April 2018 Car of the Month: Slingshot S

It is part motorcycle, part three-wheeler, part automobile, and a one hundred percent head-turning piece of machinery. Think luxury with an edge. It feels futuristic yet maintains a very current and real modern vibe. This is our car of the month for April 2018, the Slingshot S.

This beauty rides on three wheels but looks as stable (if not more so!) as any vehicle you will see. Although the unique body style and three-wheel base design are undoubtedly eye-catching, the actual beauty of the Slingshot series begins under the hood.

The Power 

Although it conveys a feeling of sleek and stylish combined with those off-road hints, this vehicle weighs in at under one ton. So the 173 hp generated may surprise you. This is not a typical hybrid – this is a real piece of transportation with the power to prove it.

The Speed 

While drivers are certainly pleased to discover that there is more than enough power under the hood, they will be thrilled to realize the speed of this vehicle.  Using a longitudinally mounted motor, the Slingshot sports an under 5 seconds 0 to 60 time using a GM Ecotec 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Power and speed combined with the “wow factor” appearance is still only a taste of what the Slingshot offers.


One reason for that motorcycle feeling or that three-wheeler experience is due to its open cockpit. The open space and windshield optional models means that you feel like you are on the open road, out in the air. Don’t worry about comfort either, because the seats all recline and have headrests that will make it feel like driving a car – almost.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the old roadster in how it feels to drive and still combines that futuristic and luxury car rental aura. Like that yacht that stands on the dock, this is one special and attention-grabbing result from engineering genius.

The Heart 

the slingshot is part car, part motorcycle

You aren’t going to be fooled into thinking that the Slingshot is the most powerful vehicle you’ve ever driven. You aren’t going to expect it to be the fastest either. You’ll get an exotic rental car like a Ferrari if you want that.

The heart of this car is the same reason why people want it – it offers something nothing else can. It begins with those wide, large front tires and that incredible view from inside. This is about an experience and a ride unlike any other.

Imagine cruising down the Las Vegas strip in a piece of machinery that everyone turns to see. Imagine taking a cruise along the oceanfront in the Hamptons as the breeze fills your car and your spirit. This is what the Slingshot is all about!

What You Should Know  

While there isn’t anything scary about the Slingshot, it will handle, steer, and react differently than a typical automobile. It is also larger and not as mobile as a motorcycle. Are you going to be driving downtown in San Francisco? You might be surprised at how easily the Slingshot and handles those tight narrow Cisco streets!

On the other hand, if you are going to be visiting Los Angeles, how much time are you going to be spending on I5 or the other major arteries in the City of Angels? While the speed and power of the Slingshot will get anything you want done, it may not be the most practical means of transportation on the highway.

The best thing you can do is drive one. More than likely, you will have a feel and handle for this amazing work of manufacturing within a short period of time. Just remember, it isn’t a car and it’s not a motorcycle either. You’ll quickly be reminded of that when you slide in behind the driver’s seat to only realize there are simply one or two buttons on the dash.

Fun Luxury in the Slingshot

Let’s face it – these days, seeing a sports car in New York City may not draw much attention. But the unmistakable look of the Slingshot and its ultra-cool design? They scream luxury – and fun.

We spend a great deal of money on cars, yachts, and other status items, but how many of those big-ticket items can deliver the fun and the experience of the Slingshot? That is actually another advantage of the Slingshot! You can’t rent a majority of these status items, but you can rent a Slingshot!

Renting a Slingshot will tell you if this is something you want or if it is something you just want to play with on occasion.  The price of the Slingshot is reasonable unless you buy it and never drive it again!

A unique trycicle

Have you ever bought something and two weeks later realized that apparently everyone else in the world also has too? That isn’t ever going to be an issue with the Slingshot. Part of the prestige and even the fun of driving a Slingshot is that nobody else does – not that they don’t want to.

You have worked hard to earn the pleasures you can afford, and part of the pleasure is enjoyment. Buying or renting something that looks good or that is unique doesn’t make sense if you can’t enjoy it. The Slingshot is engineered and designed to offer you the enjoyment and experience you seek.

Turn and burn those wheels through the first two gears of the manual transmission or just take a slow ride along the beach. The Slingshot will always deliver in style and CarHopper can help with that!

To get more information and details about the Slingshot and Slingshot S, contact us. There aren’t many things we can do just for the sheer fun and joy of it and say it was worth it. The Slingshot will keep you coming back because the experience is worth the ride!