A Trendy Retro Auto-cycle, the 2018 Vanderhall Venice

Looking for something completely out of the ordinary for a special trip to Las Vegas? Mark the occasion by taking the keys to the Vanderhall Venice, and jump in for the open top experience of a lifetime! With no roof at all to interfere with the world around you, this Venice rental in Las Vegas allows you to take on the roads and take in your surroundings like never before. This retro-styled autocycle draws inspiration from F1 racers of the past, and you’ll feel as if you are behind the wheel of those iconic machines when you hug corners in this turbocharged two seater.


Focusing on keeping things compact and light, the Vanderhall Venice utilizes small displacement turbocharged power to get going, and this 1.4 liter four cylinder provides plenty of punch. Generating an impressive 200 horsepower in such a small package allows for optimal power-to-weight ratios and the Venice will get to sixty from a standing stop in just 4.5 seconds, certainly no slouch for a two-seat open top cruiser. With power going to the front wheels, Vanderhall is able to keep this three-wheeler planted in the turns for endless fun chasing apexes.


Inside, the retro styling continues with unique gauge faces and switch gear that is reminiscent of vintage racers of yesteryear. The simple styling lends to the motorcycle-like experience, where all of one’s attention is out the front windscreen. With no top to interfere, you are afforded an unobstructed view of the surroundings. While some may take it to cruise the Strip and people watch, we’re just as fond to head out to Mt. Charleston and absorb breathtaking views while demolishing ribbons of tarmac.

White Vanderhall Venice 2018 sideview

Next Steps

Folks flock to Las Vegas to let off some steam, and what better way of doing so than in this fun to drive roadster. With unique, head turning looks you’re sure to grab attention in this unique offering from Carhopper. The Vanderhall Venice sets out to deliver an experience that few vehicles, with two or four wheels, are able to match. Bring the bright lights and big city vibe of Vegas along for the ride and grab the keys to this exciting vehicle for hire!